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    Anyone want to talk about the game?

    Thought we controlled them pretty well in the first half, of course they had chances but think we had the better of them.
    Carra let himself down badly, for a player that has been so consistant all season. The hospital ball he played to Alonso was just sooo not like him. To give away a free kick there at that time was asking for trouble. After that it was always going to be an up hill struggle.
    The question i have asked myself is why Rafa did not play Crouch from the start, and why he left it so long to bring him on. As hard a Kuyt works he just dont seem to be a goal threat, i know he scored in the end but only after Crouch was brought on, and the game was gone.
    All in all i'm still looking 4wrd to next season, & cant wait to see who we bring in over the next few weeks.
    And i'm sure we will be next seasons final aswell.......!

    ps) did anyone else think Gerrard was playing well below his best~?

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    • Yeap - Thought Gerrard looked totally out of sorts and miserable to be honest. Really didn't lead like we know he can.

      Agree to with Crouch - I know there are still doubters out there, but his scoring record this year cannot be doubted and why he didn't get on at half-time when we needed to change I have no idea. Personally I would have started with him - we looked so much more likely to score when he did come on and push Gerrard back to the middle.

      We were too slow to react and the changes Rafa DID make were strange. Arbeloa for Finnan?? We needed goals!! So what was that about?? Thought Pennant was excellent and how the heck he is not in the England squad this week is a total injustice.

      But the future is bright and the future is red.

      Like to see Tevez come but only if we can get full control over him - he has shown that he can do well in the Premiership, I think Eto'o is too arrogent and not a Liverpool player, he's saying the right words, but I dont think they are coming from the heart.

      Forza the Rafalution!!

    • inzaghi had one opportunity, he scored two goals!
      should we sign him? clearly he was more valuable than kuyt/gerard in yerterday's game

      interesting, scoring goals in critical situations has to do more with intelligence than physical force

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      • i think we can take alot of positives from this game , even though we lost i thought we were miles better than the team in 2005 , i actually believe that in europe now we are a force that no team (including milan) can outclass and itll have to take something like that fluke goal right b4 half time to beat us , i guess thats foortball for u , if that cruel deflection never took place i honestly believe we would have won it as their defence was tiring and it showed , instead the best team lost (the opposite of what happened in 2005) . I think the whole team played well apart from our weak leftside of zenden and risse and how harry kewell wasnt prefered to a half fit , no talent zenden is beyond me , i think sometimes our manager thinks about things too much instead of just doin the obvious , i was expecting a monstar performance from stevie , he started well but i feel the battle of egos on the big stage kicked in and he lost the plot a little in the first half after a good start , crouch should have been on from half time i agree , all in all im heartbroken , but it could be worse .
        i understand that with the way we play in europe ud expect us 2 be around the semis/finals every year , we'll be back and stronger than before , if we can reach the final with players like zenden and outplay a frightening milan side then i think after the cash injection and the big summer every LFC fan has been long long due for (no more bellamy for 7 million) we will reclaim our crowns soon .
        Rafa needs to move quikly and wrap up some key signings and hes gonna have to go into bidding wars with big clubs and come out on top , something that worries me , we need players that can attack , we need players that will make use of our possesion and domination because when u really think of it , who in our team is gonna get the better of maldini and nesta , gerrard once did but then wasted the chance by trying 2 place with his right foot instead of wackin it with the left , but i mean 1 player that will give them real problems with trickery and pace another that has the creativity to open them up with a clever pass and one more that can stick the damn thing in the back of the net .
        Lastly for all u LFC fans , i know ur still a bit shattered but lift if u can lift ur heads up , theres a bright future ahead of us , and money wise the difference between first and second isnt that much , hopefully the new signings will bring us some light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to a bright new beginning of a new era , we'll bounce back and we'll be up there with the best again next year , i hope we get milan in the final again so we can murder them , i know that moron ancelotti is probably riding his luck , but deep down he probably fears the thought of a rematch and would prefer going toe to toe with royal prick fergie than his side of grandads clashing with the rapid growing force of LFC

    • Was very surprised to see Milan rarely threaten in the first half, and we did not capitalise on their caution. Kuyt cant operate up front on his own and agree Crouch should have started in place of Zenden under 4 4 2. Substitutions were made too late even though only a goal down and the determination to win that we saw in the semis waned in the 2nd half. Like Stevie said it was heartbreaking but we've to look forward to next season and hope (for the umpteenth time!!!!!) we can mount a serious threat to the top 2 for the title.


    • Crouch had too little time.It surprises me when players are asked to do so much in such little time in such big matches.He should of had at least a full half in my opinion.
      I think that not a player on either side had a good match!
      Liverpool didn't have any real edge about them.
      The goal before halftime was a killer.I think it went in off his arm as well.