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  • ajay ajay Jun 1, 2007 17:20 Flag

    should we let kewel go?

    seems to me that the short time he spent on the field in this years final he put several of the milan defenders on their arses - can't recall anyone else in the team close to doing that except for maybe Xabi's neat little turn.
    ok, he's been injured for A LONG TIME but he's still there trying. he didn't give up - that's why he was available for both CL finals.
    he has 1 year left on contract - give him the year. if he stays fit he IS the answer left side for us. several of you have already said that. the guy is a class player. if he crashes again fine - chuff him off. but at least give the guy a chance after all the rehab he has done. he could have sat back and just collected the dough