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  • A Yahoo! User May 30, 2007 16:09 Flag

    should we let kewel go?

    reports suggest villa are after bellamy and kewel
    bellamy hasn't really performed despite being injury
    free so i doubt we will miss him but i remember the player kewel was for leeds and we could do with a bit of that.
    For once it seems he is fully fit it seems stupid to pay his wages when injured only to sell him as soon as he is fit i recon we should give him another season
    we won't get a lot for him any way at the moment but if he gets a full season with out injury even if he doesn perform
    he shoud be worth more.

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    • Yes. He's a wanker

    • It is not really true. Rafa has a soft spot for many players. Far too many chances were given to some players for no good reasons, e.g. Traore, Biscan and Josemi. Zenden had far much more chances than he deserves, Kewell was the other.

      In fact, Rafa is aware of his delimma, that is why he let Zenden go immediately after the Athens game.

      I question whether Kewell is over the hill. He did very well for Liverpool late last year for 1-2 months and played remarkably for Australia during WC2006. However, Rafa has no option but to let him go. Kewell did not play well at all when he had the chances in the first few years. Then he had far too many injury problems in the last three years. He has only one more year in his contract. He will be 29 years old in Sept. Everything is not in his favour.

      Kewell is still the best left wing we have now. However, Rafa has got enough money to buy a better one, which will make Kewell become surplus. The only possibility that Kewell will stay is if Rafa fails to get Silva or Simao.

    • Personally I think Kewell is a lazy get, who when fit only seems to play well when the cameras are there.

      Just my opinion.

    • i dont think kewell has anything to offer a top premiership team anymore he is a long way short of the brilliant young winger who used to play for leeds and is just living off that reputation he has had every chance to perform and has never done it can anyone here remember a match winning performance from him and lets not forget the lads on 50+grand a week quite a lot of money just to keep as a squad player no matter how much money you have so lets clear out the dead wood and get some quality in

    • Course they should. He aint the same player he was at Leeds and never will be. And is it just me or does he seem uninterested in the team that pays him 50 grand a week whilst always injured. Lets re-wind. Champions League final 2005, we were losing, he went off injured. Soon as we won he was jumping up and down on the podium. Same goes for the Fa Cup final 2006. Watch back.. Plus how is it, he was injured all season, we made the CL final again then hes fit again. Is it me, or is it jus a conspiricy....

    • In the full knowledge that Rafa will buy 2 wingers, I will definitely sell Kewell.

      If we ae to launch a serious challenge for the title, we need players that are already hot, not off-boiled or warming up! Look at ManU's purchase, wow, Nani, Owen Hargreaves, they will remain to be the team to beat next season.

      Having said that, I totally agree with Rafa's decision to address our winger situation first. This is top priority. Fair enough we need a good striker, but he is only going to give us 20 goals (Drogba scored 20 in the EPL and he was the top scorer). We need our midfield to bang in more goals for us. Last year Alonso got us 3, Pennant 2(?), Momo (0), Machesrano 0 (ok, only from Jan), Speedy 0. This is just not good enough.

      We need attacking wingers, no more donkeys!

    • Kewell should stay...last season when he played, he played well...specially the goal against everton and spurs...also great cross and driblling...keep kewell

    • seems to me that the short time he spent on the field in this years final he put several of the milan defenders on their arses - can't recall anyone else in the team close to doing that except for maybe Xabi's neat little turn.
      ok, he's been injured for A LONG TIME but he's still there trying. he didn't give up - that's why he was available for both CL finals.
      he has 1 year left on contract - give him the year. if he stays fit he IS the answer left side for us. several of you have already said that. the guy is a class player. if he crashes again fine - chuff him off. but at least give the guy a chance after all the rehab he has done. he could have sat back and just collected the dough

    • he, like 90% of the other aussies, is a highly talented, but completely lazy waste of space - big shame really!

      I will never forget his dramatic recovery from virtually a season long injury in 2005. Somehow earned himself a place in the starting line up then as soon as you went 3-0 down, he limped off! Pathetic!

      It annoyed me and I'm a Man Utd fan. Its the deadwood wage collectors like him, Zenden, Bellamy etc that you lot need to get rid of.