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    The future looks BLEAK

    I'm sure all true Liverpool FC fans are as concerned as me about the disaster taking place under RAFA at our beloved club. Let's look at the FACTS...

    While our rivals Man U and Chelsea continue to build exceptional squads with new BRITISH talent such as OWEN HARGREAVES and STEVE SIDWELL coming in, RAFA continues to have a hard on for Spanish and South American players that are unheard of and UNPROVEN in the British tradition of play. All we get is British talent like Wranock, Carson, Guthrie and Fowler etc being shown the door while minor leaguers like Arbeloa, Gonzalez etc come in and FAIL! Of all the players Rafa is supposedly signing NONE are BRITISH and it's a DISGRACE!

    Remember the massive list of failures he has already brought in and discarded yet STILL he goes after more of the same! Need i remind you of the HOULLIER regime. Well RAFA is doing exactly the same. He has taken us BACKWARDS in the league, lost TWO finals and won two on the fluke of penalties after WEST HAM and MILAN embarrassed us in open play. We are light years away from winning the title, the title we have been waiting to bring back to ANFIELD for 18 years!!!

    I believe it will take years to turn around all the awful signings RAFA has brought into both the squad and reserves/academy. Too much foreign garbage and NO RETURN to the glory days we fans have waited two decades for since KENNY was manager! Even GEORGE GILLETT is saying we cannot compete with MAN U and CHELSKI so what's the point - we might as well relocate to LA LIGA under RAFA!!

    Now let's start hearing some reality people.... because we are truly up shit creek under Rafa


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    • i don't think you can count Owen Hargreaves as British, he was born in Calgary, Canada.

      He plays for England through parentage. He has played his football in Germany, and is therefore, as you have said,
      " UNPROVEN in the British tradition of play"

    • Cork is more like Liverpool, theyre all mad fuckers. Limerick is more like Manchester - higher crime rate, all stabbing themselves!!!

      Aldridge, Lawrenson, christ they really sound foreign even!

    • Was in Dublin two years ago with some mates and had a great time. It felt very much like Liverpool in places.

      I'd gladly have a few more of those foreigners like Whelan, Aldridge, Lawrenson, Beglin, Heighway, Houghton, Robinson and Staunton on the Liverpool team. Irish players wouldn't be considered British enough for some here since Eire is not part of the UK or GB.

    • Rik, if it makes you feel any better, outside Dublin we call Liverpool the real capital of Ireland!

    • I am very serious when I say that I am Scouse and not English!

      This country has done very little for Liverpool over the last 50 years. Why should I grovel to a nation that continually puts down my home city? What matters to me is personal identity, and what I identify with is the local community, the city of Liverpool (not just LFC). Liverpool might be within England, but it's the least 'English' city of all. As a world city, we look outward, not inward; we speak differently to those just a few miles away.

      Nations cause far more trouble than necessary, and the English and 'our' empire-building more than most - just ask the Scots, Welsh, or Irish if they want to be 'British' (ie. under English control) or independent!

      And as for Iraq, it's a stupid mistake that I have never supported, and friends and relatives in the various branches of the military (42 years combined service including two who invaded Iraq) joined up because it was a job, not because they held some sense of duty to the country!

      Now, back to football :-)

    • Sure does!

    • i think all scousers originate from ireland.well same accent, mentality, and fecking nutters .last but not least they all stick together.


    • Rikmac78 I have never heard such nonsence in all my life, "your not English you are scouse", FFS are you real.

      So your not proud to be English, no patriotism, I bet there are quite a few scouse lads in the British Army being shot at daily that would be really miffed with you.

      There is Nothing wrong with being proud of your city but to denounce your country in the process is truly mindbogling.

      I live in Manchester, but I have been to Liverpool endless times, nice place to go shopping and a good night out.
      But I am English, and just happen to be from Manchester.

      Your Passport says you are British ( I am assuming ) not Scouse.
      In fact there are many places on this earth that would have no Idea what a scouser is !

    • PiSstaker's an anti-Scouse racist and it's obvious to all of us.

      I've never supported England, and never will. It's Liverpool, then Everton a distant second, and nobody else. Yes, I'm a Scouser, and proud of that fact. Go to Anfield and see the banner: we're not English, we're Scouse! Insult me and you insult 40,000 other Scousers! We consider ourselves to be outsiders living in England. Have you ever visited the city?

      Now, I'd love a team of Scousers, but that won't happen, so I'll support LFC with players from all over the world.

      As for his Hargreaves comments:
      'I don't give a monkey's where you were born or where you were brought up, if one of your parents is BRITISH then you are as welcome to be a part of our country as anyone else.'

      This is football, and age doesn't matter, so why should nationality? Hargreaves is as English as Cascarino, Lawrenson, Aldridge and Heighway were Irish.

      Morientes is a class player, but unless we bought him how would we know if he could deliver in the Prem? If we'd bought Berbatov last season and he'd done as poorly as Morientes, then PiSstaker would rip Berbatov apart. It seems no foreign player coming to us can win with PiSstaker.

      As for other class players who've graced England's pitches, Veron and Schevchenko are just two of the very expensive flops. Imagine if Rafa had bought either at their price. But they're the type of 'great foreign talent' that PiSstaker would go for!

      The English players stood out in poor teams, but there's no guarantee they'll do well for us. A good player on a poor team might be average for a good team. As for the ones PiSstaker mentions, two are gone. Rafa gave them the chance and he considers them to not be suited for the league. He got his money back.

      Now, how many English (or even British) players were central to the Arsenal title teams under Wenger? Just one: Ashley Cole. Chelsea? Just three: Terry, Lampard, Joe Cole. So much for the English/British core of winning teams!

    • again P&S let yourself down again resorting to insults.

      Yes he has qualified for a british passport, but they guy has never in lived in GB for a start. He is more candian or German than British but thats a different debate.

      The other thing is you want proven EPL talent, well hargreaves doesnt fit into this yet! Yes i think he is a very good player, yes i think he will cut the mustard in the EPL

      But do you think Liverpool needed to buy him? with the central midfield players we have currently. Alsono, gerrard and Mascranno ( sorry spelling).

      Just a quick world on your great foreign talent:

      Henry: He was a struggling winger at Juve, when Wenger bought him had Wenger not bought him we never have seen the Henry that is one of the world best players. He certainly wasnt raved about at the time of him being bought. Yet Wenger saw something in him.

      Ronaldo: Until last season, he had been all show boat and no end product and Man U could have easly shipped him in the last couple of pre seasons casue he wasnt cutting the mustard week in week out. Yet they kept him and the rest is history: Player of the Year, Young Player of year and Writers player of the year. He wasnt proven when Man U bought him they took a chance on a guy with a lot of potenial!

      Any player bought from abroad never played in the premiership its always a risk wether they can handle it. Be honest when we bought Morientes, i bet you thought thats a great buy? The guy had shown what he can do all across Europe and international level, there wasnt a reason do doubt why he couldnt have done if for liverpool. For what ever reason it didnt work out for him in the EPL.

      The problem lies with the likes of Gonzalez, Sissoko's and Josemi's of this world they only cost 2-5 million from abroad but bristish players of a similar standard the parkers, Jaguelka cost 7-10 million to buy. Liverpool simpley didnt have that kind of cash to splash round on squad players.

      Homegrown talent of course is the best: From what is available to buy from homegrown talent, who would you consider good enough to win the premiership title for Liverpool.

      The sad thing is that good home grown talent is rare. Going back to my earlier post we have one of the best youth set ups in the country both in british and forgein talent. I want to see more comming through to the first team.

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