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  • chris n chris n May 31, 2007 21:12 Flag

    Is the gap widening

    I am a lifelong liverpool fan and do see the future of the club as being very bright.

    After losing the ECL final last week I was given an uplift with Rafa's disire and the boards supposed backing to improve the squad and that the idea was to spend big and spend well.

    However after todays news that Man U have spent £50 million on some great talent and seeing that we have only brought in the free and/or unknown I am concerned that the gap we are already trying to close just widened drastically.

    I understand that spending big is different to spending well and that spending well takes time, I trust the management at LFC to do the right thing but surely after three seasons of poor starts that has proven the reason why we have not been fully competetive in the EPL there needs to be some urgency in assembling the new squad.

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    • I agree.And Man U have made some great additions 2 there team,but.......they don't always work so know 1 will know until next season

    • Who regards Neville as one of the best in the world (or is this just a brief snippet from some ancient Man Utd website... You really are having a laugh roon.... Talk about trying to say that Liverpool supporters thinking he's not purely through hatred is seriously stupid! HE IS NOT!!!

    • Think you'll find Carra is by far and away better than any defensivee player utd have and finnan pisses all over NEV....

    • no it wasn't.... it was good around christmas time but for ages before Chelsea and ourselves were better in defence...

    • What do you expect with the team he had infront of him.

      Carson started with loads of promise but, like Kirkland before him, has failed to shine.

      To my mind, Foster has shone very bright. Many pundits happen to have the same opinion as me, including two of your old boys (Hansen and Lawrenson).

      Besides, you skirted round the rest of the issue of our defence? It WAS the best when fully fit in the first half of the season. I really dont think our defence was ever seen as an area to strengthen.

    • Mine and many others opinion. Foster hasnt exactly set the world alight my friend, he did finish on the bottom

    • Wellboy, I honestly do not understand how you can say someone who had an average season with Charlton is better than someone who was widely regarded as one of the best keepers in the league?!?!?

      Neville has always been regarded as Mr Consistent, and i would put my neck on the line to say he is far more highly regarded across the world!

      We had, if my memory serves me right, the best defence in the league for at least the first half of the season. Only when injuries got us that we started to leak a bit more. To call our defence weak is laughable!

    • "However after todays news that Man U have spent £50 million on some great talent and seeing that we have only brought in the free and/or unknown I am concerned that the gap we are already trying to close just widened drastically."

      As nice as it would be for Rafa to go out and spend a similar amount on several top class players, the gap is widening, and it's not just the top four and the rest, but the top two and the rest.

      The average player's wage is now over £1m per year, and the top 4 teams are far ahead of the rest with their wage bill. It's ridiculous! There has to be a change in the game to give all 20 teams a chance, not just the few.

      Personally, I'd have a wage limit that all 20 teams must stick to or face points deductions.

    • Houllier was interested at one point but never followed it up.... we did try for vidic and silvestre...
      I think Agger is better with the ball and is very underated by the press (after all we let in something like 6 or 7 goals all season at Anfield), Vidic is a very good defender (even if Bellamy did give him the run around :o) ....) in the Jaap Stam mould -- they would make an awesome pairing ---

      -- the table doesn't lie -- but in defence and midfield we are as good as anyone -- it's in that final third that we don't have any spark ---
      e.g. against smaller teams -- if they sit back -- we can't break them down -- Man utd can -- So the area we need to improve in order to catch United (yes I admit you're ahead of us) is on the wings and upfront!!!
      It's amazing that when the big 4 seem to play each other it's Arsenal that came out on top last year --- but they had the same problem as us -- they couldn't break down stubborn defences --- whereas, in all honesty Man Utd were excellent at doing so!!!

    • most of benitez targets play in la liga.
      there are two games left in la liga, plus the international games week end... 3 weeks total.
      makes sense, doesn't it?

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