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    alves fro sale

    it's official

    alves agent, jose rodri baster, has suggested that the player is availeble, based on two facts:

    1. del nido, sevilla's president, said that no one is indispensable, therefore opening the door for tranfers.
    2. rodri stated that a player of alves caliper must play in a top team

    i understand if sevilla fans feel insulted by rodri's statements.

    the article mentions 4 teams interested in alves: liverpool, barcelona, real madrid and milan.... tough competition!

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    • from the BBC rumours site:

      Sevilla defender Daniel Alves, whose agent held talks with Chelsea last week, has left the door open for a last-gasp bid from Liverpool - if the "economical factors" are right. (The Sun)

    • how reliable is this? i understood that chelsea was not afer anyone. are they trying to inflate prices?

      "Chelsea have entered the battle to sign Sevilla's Daniel Alves, who can play at full-back or on the right wing but who has long been a target of Liverpool. (The Sun)"

    • Like others on here, I don't know much about him - but after watching Fridays game I thought he was awefull and cannot see what all the fuss is about??

      But like I say, that is based on Friday only, reading other comments I guess there is more to him than what we saw this week! I think also that LFC priorities lay elsewhere this summer.

    • watched him last night against england he was useless why the hell would we want a player whos only contribution is to give away free kicks he did nothing last night i am not basing my opinion on just one game he hasnt impressed me at all this season while playing for sevilla let them keep him there must be better players out there


    • Is this guy one of those who does bugger all in a match then produces a bit of magic? I haven't seen much of him play but when i have as i have tonight against England he looks nothing special, will someone enlighten me as to why hes such hot property, I'm not looking for stupid, insulting answers although I'm 100% sure ill get some, i just want to know, by someone who has watched him regularly, whats special about him.

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      • hes a real force from right back , not as defensive as finnan but more of a tricky wing back in the form of a roberto carlos but with more flair and less strength , clever unpridictable and he scores free kicks , a real hassle for opposition and if we are 2 improve our attack i think he is essential because he can unlock defenses and he offers that extra attacking man when u need him , or even when u dont , if hes on the table i say go for him and for 15 million ur getting mor than your moneys worth , he can also cover right the right midfield spot but id prefer playing him wing back as then u have more options going forward , i think if we get him its gonna be him and stevie on the right , with him doing all the wing work it may allow stevie to push in side his prefered central role , definately a great buy if we can get him .
        I like the way liverpool is going (argentinians , brazilians) we need them as our lads are great but can be very predictable sometimes , i just hope we keep the heart , soul , and passion of LFC

    • I would say Barca or Milan, cant see you pipping those two to him