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    UEFA brand Liverpool fans the worst in Europe.




    UEFA brand Liverpool fans the worst in Europe.

    Liverpool fans have been condemned as the worst in Europe in a scathing UEFA report

    UEFA president Michel Platini will hand the controversial dossier to Britain's Sports Minister Richard Caborn in Brussels on Tuesday.

    UEFA spokesman William Gaillard said: "We have an independent police report mentioning 25 incidents since 2003 caused by Liverpool fans away from home. That's the most of any team in Europe. We should all be very pleased that no one was hurt."

    The report follows an investigation into violence that marred the Champions League final in Athens and accuses the Kop fans of causing most of the trouble.

    Scores of fans with genuine tickets were denied entry to the Olympic Stadium in Athens last month.

    Hundreds of others holding forgeries managed to get in to see Liverpool's 2-1 defeat by AC Milan.

    Gaillard added: "We had 102 flags in the stadium, but by the time the game began there were only two left. People climbed up amid incredible danger in order to steal them, and we know a majority were Liverpool fans."


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    • This whole debale is an EMBARRASMENT for the true LFC fans like myself. The fact that tickets were stolen from CHILDREN and many so called fans blagged free tix to get in is a complete JOKE. Any of you who were there should be ashamed. You have shamed ME, the players and the club. You should be shot.


    • You mean to tell me that a club with easily among the most away European matches since 2003, the same club with the largest contigency of travelling fans in the world, had the most "incidents" ? Incredible.

    • we get this crap all the time on Oz tele. Oz media can't wait to have a go at english supporters for some reason.
      english fans worst in the world, blah blah blah with NO EVIDENCE mind you, just blatter and cronies mouthing off.
      then we get little 20 sec grabs from italy, spain, holland, sth america where fans are killing each other or burning their own stadiums and no one on the media says a word.
      seems to me the BEST behaved fans in the world are english fans - they love and support their teams with passion every weekend in EPL.
      trouble - if any - always seems to come overseas.
      as others have said, EPL is too popular and UEFA cronies hate it. any excuse to ban EPL clubs from europe - no more 3 out of 4 english teams in ECL semis for a start.
      heard the other day that more people watch english second division - aka CHAMPIONSHIP - than watch SerieA. now that MUST hurt. givs you an idea how interesting SerieA must be,too ;-)

    • To sheay mate to shey lol, that was a hard one to take!

    • The poor display i was on about was the 3-6 at anfield earlyer this year (didnt want to mention the game not what my post was about)i am on your side with this one as all true english footy fans should be

    • its only a small part a fans who think they are better than the rest. every team has got them. the police should help more ? more CCTV at football to pin point the thugs who are bringing the name of english football down.

    • Cheers cheers i right, what poor display are you talking about kolofabvan? I'm sure you dont mean the CL final for i never seen a poor display i seen Liverpool having a bit of bad luck, not a poor display.
      If you want to talk about a poor display let's look back to the season before last, the Barca v Arsenal/the great pretenders final you's never looked like winning that one.

    • no problem,IMO for uefa to brand liverpool fans the worst is also branding english fans the worst!!!!

    • uefa say liverpool fans are worst, being an arsenal fan and seeing the way liverpool fans handle a poor display from there team and still sing at the tops of there voices,i think MOST liverpool fans are a great credit to the english game!!!!

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