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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 00:27 Flag

    The best move for Fowler

    Since I'm Liverpool fan, marooned stateside, I'd love him to come here. I've no doubt his natural finishing would light up over here, but he'd have to get used to sloppy service!

    US clubs have strict salary caps, that limit the total wages of the players. But when the Beckham saga started, they changed the rules to allow each club to select one player who was not subject to the cap, and pay him what ever they liked. Therefore I'd doubt he'd end up in LA along side Beckham, as the rest of the team would be taking a huge paycut.

    I'd heard a rumor months ago he was talking to the New England (Boston) Revolution, which would make sense since he'd be working for Steve Nichols (who from the commentary he gave during US coveage of Champions League final, is obviously still a red through and through). However I understand it fell apart due to money.

    But with the new rumor that Figo maybe considering going Stateside, it might be something he'd consider. If a couple of the US sides pick up what in Europe might be past prime aging star's, I'm sure it would start a bandwagon, and the money would be found.

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    • Yea it says alot about the American's that they are prepared to offer oap's big massive salerys to come over & try to lift the game, they should stop calling it soccer & start calling it footy.

      It must also be a worry that a country so vast produce's so little in terms of export players.

      As a person who resides in the states just how big is the game over there? The time i spent there it was all NFL etc etc, who would be the biggest, most heard of footballer?

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      • I'm not much of a follower of MLS, but think Landon Donovan (LA) is the best know US player here. He's on the US national team, and made headlines when he made a point of not going to Europe, and elected to play in the US. Personally think he'd make it the EPL or other top European leagues, but only as a squad player. However think he was afraid of failing in the big leagues.

        What they call soccer is big with kids here, and they seem to stick with it up to high school age, but after that it all disapears. Couple problems they have: First they got burnt back in the 70's when they spent big to build up the sport by bringing in Pele, and big names before the league went belly up. Second is compition. With other sports being bigger in this country, most youngsters who have any sporting ability are going to elect to go into a sport that might actually make them money. Football (American NFL type) and Basketball are huge here, and at least in Basketball its not unusual that teenagers end up with multimillion contracts. Third is TV. Even with the leagues that are here, you can't make money in sports in American without TV, and Football does not lend itself to the American tradition of sports viewing. They like Timeouts so they can fit it commercials.

        I think its growing, and Beckham might actually have a positive effect (The World cup actually got great ratings on TV here). But its always going to be a second tier sport, so I would not hold your breath for great US players coming to the EPL. Best thing that will happen is the globalization of the sport. I can watch almost any league from my living room, and while there is no substitute to going to the ground, the future is TV. Seems to me MLS will become a feeder league much like the lower divisions used to be, and lesser European leagues are today, for the big 3 - EPL, Spainish, and Italian leagues. With the Yank ownership now at Anfield, maybe we might here some twang mixed with scouse in the coming years!