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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 00:47 Flag

    more disturbing news

    Personally I think its all rumors. Anyone out there sitting in on the discussions Rafa is actually having with the yanks?

    Each story is different. I heard its about 30 mil from Champs league, new TV deal money which adds about another 10 mil, and then what ever he can raise from selling what we don't need. That could be another 15-20 depending on how much he wants to unload (Kewell, Bellars, Cisse, etc).

    That's 50-60 mil. Maybe not E'to money, or even Tevez if the Italians really want to throw around the cash, but still not a bad kitty. So long as we don't give up Tevez to the Manc's

    Personally got a feeling Rafa is keeping the facts close to his chest. If he can line up the right player (Tevez, David Villa, etc) there maybe money available. But why show everyone your wallet before you start haggling.

    In Rafa (and hopefully the yanks) I still trust