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    Face facts we are a SECOND RATE club

    I think we can all agree that with my superior footballing brain and astute observation i have proven that beneath the surface we really are a second rate club at LIVERPOOL FC.

    As i told you from the stat the YANK owners are fake liars who have a history of dodgy dealings and bankruptcy behind them. As i said months ago the DUBAI group were the best option as these clueless yanks have put zero money where their fat mouths are and have no CLUE about footy... i mean "soccer".

    But who can rally blame them for not wanting to hand over money to RAFA, the man who has spent the second highest amount to CHELSEA since he came, with a list of flops rivalling Souney and Houllier in their ineptitude.

    It really is a joke that we continue to live in the past, and i as a life long fan am fully able to admit that we haven't been an ELITE team for close to 20 years! ONE flukey Champions League trophy and a few FA Cups do not make a great team people and i believe the way things are we will NEVER be a top club again.

    We are unable to challenger for the league, unable to splash out for elite players and unable to attract top quality to the club. It is SHOCKING how far we have fallen over the years.

    THe future loks very very bleak friends and if you can't see it then you truly are living up to the stereotype that LIVERPOOL fans are the most stupid, arrogant and deluded in world football...


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    • If i said something it was most likley directed at seany, ya know the iceman. I'm Irish, never slabber to an Irish man.

    • We are not just mates but now fighters against truth justice and the american way(even though I am welsh).
      No it just oyour post of arse licker is directly after a post from me.

    • Of course not, what made you think that?
      Thinking you & me are mates!

    • howl hope none of your insults where meant for me.

    • Your wrong again, i do reply to his posts on occasion, but i dont when the debate is about if he is or is'nt a liverpool fan, as i have said i dont care who he supports.
      You see unlike you i can watch a debate and consider the facts without putting my two worth penith in. You really are intent on making a complete fool of yourself arent you.

    • What a prat you are, still here starting crap wiyh pepole

    • It amazes me how you FAIRWEATHER MUPPETS continue to prattle on about the past and how we are going to make a challenge for the Prem under RAFA!

      PLEASE explain HOW we are going to rival the likes of Chelsea and Man U who have EMBARRASSED us in the league since Rafa came aboard. HOW are we going to close the massive points gap when our team brings in SHITE like Voronin and Arbeloa when Man U are bringing in the likes of VIDIC, HARGREAVES, NANI and ANDERSON and Chelski are bolstering their squad with quality like SIDWELL and PIZARRO with more to come!

      It's been 18 f**king years people without a league title and you can use excuses like "Hillsborough" and "lack of money" all you like. The fact remains that the MANCS rebuilt time and again after the MUNICH air tragedy and teams like BLACKBURN and SPURS are building superb squads with less money than us (BENNI McCARTHY for 2.5 million anyone?).

      Stop making lame excuses and ADMIT we are a second rate team led by a shit manager, lying owners and stupid deluded fans living on the memories of two decades ago...


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      • Either your not a Red and just here to stir things up (think that's pretty obvious) or you have some kind of overdeveloped sense of dispair that clouds your judgement.

        Fact is we are the most likely team to challenge the Manc/Chelski hold on the prem. We've got a quality core team that has had repeated success in Europe, have out paced the rest of the Prem other than the top 2 (any maybe the Arse), but have lacked the consistent performances needed to succeed in the Prem.

        With quality service from the wingers, a natural finisher, and cover in other positions to help shore up the consistency issue, we are knocking on the door of a prem title.

        However, if your correct, and by the end of November we are not within 6 points of whoever is at the top of the table (or in fact top ourselves) I'll conceed the point to you. But until then, its time to either go back on your meds, or piss off back to whichever hole in Mancsville you came from!

      • YO P&S, long time no sence, so u think the mancs have shamed liverpool since rafa came, surely your great mind for statistics can work out how much more shameful our position was before his arrival, I also seem to remember you mancs getting relegated since the plane crashed, i also remember you mancs finishing forth in a couple of campaigns that the daily manc(mirror) called two horse races, i will admit we are shite when u admit your a stretford bellender

    • I'll agree with half of your statement. Right now we are a second rate club. Until we win the prem we will be in the shadow of Chelsea and the Manc's. While we have the best record of any English team, its what we've done lately that really counts. And every year they are catching up!

      But, you've got to recognize that this is just a moment in time, and right now there is no other team that has the potential to dethrown either the Manc's or Chelski scum. With little funds, and other than a handful of players, Rafa has steered an average team to FA cup glory, and 2 Championship finals. Won one of those finals, and should keep heads up about the performance in Athens.

      Yes there are rumors about the Yanks not coming up with the cash, but time will tell. They've already shown the cash with a new stadium, allowing Rafa to buy up young latin prospects, and sign long-term contracts on key players (think those contracts came cheap?). The Yanks may not be fools with there money like the Russian, and they may not be the finest students of the game, but at the end of the day they are investors. And, any investor knows you need to build a business up in order to get a return. With LFC that means winning, that is what will bring glory to the team, and green to the owners.

      Its early days in the transfer market, and while as a paid up member of the BNP I know you hate anyone of darker skin, or more than 3 syllabals in his last name, but we all know that Rafa's top list all play in La Liga. There season is not over, so no serious deal is going to be done for at least a week or two. Anything in the press now is coming from those who think they speak for a player or club, but really are just hangers on.

      Sure there are EPL players available now, but with maybe the exception of Tevez, these are all B-list players. We need a winger and a striker, and a handful of squad players who can challenge the existing squad. Those B-list and squad level players are not going anywhere, so what's the rush.

    • But who can rally blame them for not wanting to hand over money to RAFA, the man who has spent the second highest amount to CHELSEA since he came...

      Rafa has spent a net total of 40 million (100M in and 60M out). Ferguson spends more than that in a week.

      ONE flukey Champions League trophy and a few FA Cups ...

      So you ignore the fact that we qualified from a group with Monaco (finalist the year before), Olympiacos, and Deportivo, knocked out Leverkusen, Juventus AND Chelsea before we beat AC Milan on penalties when we won the CL in '05.

      As for the FA Cup in '06, we beat 5 fellow Premiership teams (Birmingham away, Portsmouth away, Man. Utd. home, Chelsea in the semi, and West Ham on penalties) after knocking out Luton.

      How are the flukey victories?

      Discuss that PiSstaker!

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      • I believe what happened had some effect on the club how could it not.

        Simply, i believe that Daglish left liverpool up Sh!t creak, he walked out on an aging team basically a team he inherited add a few good players but then walked out.

        Then souness compounded matters by ripping apart the team and basically buying crap just as Man U started their dominance, the EPL started, the monet poured in and liverpool where left behind with an average team.

        The gap we have bridged a small part at times but have never really closed it. who knows this season.

    • as a toon fan i would like to get in quick and say that it is my firm belief that we could leave you lot standing any day on the issues of stupidity and delusion.sadly on the arrogance front,even i can see that we`ve got f*ck all to be arrogant about..........but i`ll give it a go anyway............rafa benitez is not the man to take you back to the top !

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      • P&S. As we all know that you are never wrong, so i will hold my hands up and bow down to your god like knowledge of football, as any other idea will be wrong and not worth discussing. Infact we should get yahoo to put your threads on the Liverpool news that are that true, infact i will contact the times newspaper as a man of your knowlege and uncovering the truth is totally wasted on a Liverpool Forum and deserves national coverage and his own full page spread.

        then again maybe not, long may the dribble continue.....

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