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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 03:34 Flag

    Face facts we are a SECOND RATE club

    I'll agree with half of your statement. Right now we are a second rate club. Until we win the prem we will be in the shadow of Chelsea and the Manc's. While we have the best record of any English team, its what we've done lately that really counts. And every year they are catching up!

    But, you've got to recognize that this is just a moment in time, and right now there is no other team that has the potential to dethrown either the Manc's or Chelski scum. With little funds, and other than a handful of players, Rafa has steered an average team to FA cup glory, and 2 Championship finals. Won one of those finals, and should keep heads up about the performance in Athens.

    Yes there are rumors about the Yanks not coming up with the cash, but time will tell. They've already shown the cash with a new stadium, allowing Rafa to buy up young latin prospects, and sign long-term contracts on key players (think those contracts came cheap?). The Yanks may not be fools with there money like the Russian, and they may not be the finest students of the game, but at the end of the day they are investors. And, any investor knows you need to build a business up in order to get a return. With LFC that means winning, that is what will bring glory to the team, and green to the owners.

    Its early days in the transfer market, and while as a paid up member of the BNP I know you hate anyone of darker skin, or more than 3 syllabals in his last name, but we all know that Rafa's top list all play in La Liga. There season is not over, so no serious deal is going to be done for at least a week or two. Anything in the press now is coming from those who think they speak for a player or club, but really are just hangers on.

    Sure there are EPL players available now, but with maybe the exception of Tevez, these are all B-list players. We need a winger and a striker, and a handful of squad players who can challenge the existing squad. Those B-list and squad level players are not going anywhere, so what's the rush.

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