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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 04:47 Flag

    Face facts we are a SECOND RATE club

    I don't mean any offense, but we were not even sniffing at the prem this year. Fact is we were out of the race by November.

    While we are still a top 4 club, and other than Arsenal miles ahead of the rest of the pack its only Chelsea that offered the Manc's any compitition for the Prem. With the right buys, I'd say we should be able at least challenging for the Prem, or at least be in the running past Christmas.

    As a Red, I feel we can and should be back next year, but as a serious Football fan, we need more than 2 clubs who really have a chance in the Prem. Hopefully the tactical skills of Rafa, and just a little investment from the Yanks, will get us there.

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    • Noe taken, you do have a very true point, but in my terms i would not use the words second rate to describe Liverpool, lets not forget we reached the Champions League Final twice in three years, & lifted the FA Cup between those two dates.
      I would not class that as second rate, yes like you say we are trailing a badly in the premership. But like you say with Benetiz in charge & the right tactis we can change that. Benetiz is one of the best young managers in the premership, and if we keep him around i'm sure he will win us the title.