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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 22:45 Flag

    Face facts we are a SECOND RATE club

    Either your not a Red and just here to stir things up (think that's pretty obvious) or you have some kind of overdeveloped sense of dispair that clouds your judgement.

    Fact is we are the most likely team to challenge the Manc/Chelski hold on the prem. We've got a quality core team that has had repeated success in Europe, have out paced the rest of the Prem other than the top 2 (any maybe the Arse), but have lacked the consistent performances needed to succeed in the Prem.

    With quality service from the wingers, a natural finisher, and cover in other positions to help shore up the consistency issue, we are knocking on the door of a prem title.

    However, if your correct, and by the end of November we are not within 6 points of whoever is at the top of the table (or in fact top ourselves) I'll conceed the point to you. But until then, its time to either go back on your meds, or piss off back to whichever hole in Mancsville you came from!

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    • He's not a red he's a manc he had a moan about us winning the semi fin al of the champions league, because we won on penalities. He did'nt except the arguement that over 120 minutes we won the tie 1-0 plus had a good goal chalked offside.
      He say's discuss but as soon as anyone gives him a concrete good arguement, he does two things.
      1,will hurl abuse at you and call everyone MUPPETS!
      2. Just won't answer you.