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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 11, 2007 23:41 Flag

    Doomed Again ? Looks like it !

    Looks like we're doomed to be the laughing stock of EPL next season. Instead of signing new , quality players...we're selling whatever we got. Looks like it's a SALE on at Anfield.
    Does Rafa think by just extending the contract's of our existing players he can ensure that we win some silverware's next season. Rubbish !
    I've kept my silence for long enough...day in day out i check the news and all football sites to see if any news about new liverpool signings but all i get is frustrations.
    How long are we to suffer as Liverpool Fans ?

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    • perhaps and this is just a vague possibility the club are playing games in the media remember its just a therory

      the club are not making much noise pubicly about transfers and will soon release a statement saying that ''some'' money has been handed to the manager making it sound like he hasnt got a large budget allowing us to buy players at a fairer price when in reality he may have a large budget

      we have all seen what happened to chavski when every club knew they had limitless funds the prices shot up so if we can keep the prices down we can spread whatever funds we have further

    • don't panic corpral jones ,plenty of time yet.