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    LFC rumours - pls update

    ok, i don't get any phone calls but i read the papers online. this is what i gathered today, please update other players news

    1. FORLAN - Liverpool could set their sights on £16m Diego Forlan rather than Barcelona's £35m-rated Samuel Eto'o. (The Times)
    Diego Forlan's agent has played down talk of a move to Liverpool for the Villarreal striker. (Sporting Life)

    2. TEVEZ - Manchester United have been told they will need to stump up £40m if they want to buy Carlos Tevez. (Daily Star).

    But they are only willing to pay £12m, with Inter Milan prepared to splash out £34m on the Argentine. (Independent)

    3. MALOUDA - Lyon could start an auction to sell Florent Malouda, with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and AC Milan all interested. (Daily Express)

    4. TORRES - Benitez makes Torres first priority over Eto'o (http://www.mercafutbol.com/noticias.asp?ct=372&nt=29239)

    5. HENRY - Barcelona has reached an initial agreement to sign Henry for the next 3 seasons (http://es.eurosport.yahoo.com/11062007/47/liga-acuerdo-henry-barcelona.html)

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    • it makes sense.

      if i were the LFC owner, i wouldn't go around bragging about how much money i have at my manager's disposal, it just doesn't make any business sense.

      one possibility is that hicks, gillette, parry and benitez might be trying to downplay the new rich image that the club is portraying all over the football world. by doing so, we can better negotiate when the right time comes. good tactic in my business book.

      there's no question in my mind that initial contacts have been established for ALL of our potential targets, however, they can't made public yet for a variety of reasons.

      the truth is that all we can do right now is wish, dream and speculate; and of course get little upset due to the uncertainty of the whole process.

    • I know being told "be patient" is hard to hear, but I'm afraid that's all that can be said. I also have been checking papers and on-line message boards for any scrape of information that would bring comfort, but fact is I don't see any news coming for at least a week or two.

      Rafa's top targets (other than maybe Tevez)all play in La Liga. With their season not over yet, its doubtful any Spainish club is going to be dealing there best players away. Fact is most of these news stories are generated from rumors started by people who think they know what is going on, or papers who just make the crap up to sell papers. Right now we maybe doing a lot of talking behind the scenes, or with agents, but until Spainish clubs are fully engaged (once there season ends) your not going to see a final deal.

      Fact is, there is also some gamemanship to all this. Its like a game of poker. Rafa does not want to show his hand. He may have more money this year than last, but not an endless piggy bank, so he's got to screwd. Most know who his targets are, but he's not going to give away how much he's willing to pay, or what plan B might be if things don't go right to plan. Besides, I think Rafa by his nature, likes to keep these things close to his chest.

    • There is plenty of time for the players to get in some game time, we'll have the pre season friendlys before we have any competive games too. I wish i could help you out mate with a little nugget of hope, but no afraid. Owen is the bookies favorite is all i can say.

    • My point exactly. But then again, nearly all the team is on vacation and so they will convey again in the first week of July. Plenty of time till then :(

    • not a lot of time left for potential new signings to learn to play together.
      ManU did the right thing, get them in early

    • And we should stop making excuses about leagues not finished yet and Blah blah blah.

      God I hope that in a month's time I'll be swallowing all my words of frustration. :))))))))

    • WTF???????? I just can't take this bullshit anymore!!!! About 2 weeks ago, we were gonna sign a player at least, now, no news whatsoever. I believe that Rafa is back from his holidays, his top players are in the process of re-signing, with Stevie, Carra, Reina and Xabi all committed. Now, all we need is to re-enforce our weak links i.e. WINGS AND ATTACK. 3 Weeks have passed after his burst to invest quickly. If this is quick, I'm a fuckin tornado!!!! Usually, I'm very rational, patient and most of all faithful to my team's manager and owners, but this guys, is getting ridiculous.

      Are we really gonna invest? Are we really gonna challenge the top dogs of the premiership? Are we really gonna have all the funds promised? Are we ever gonna reach the promised land again? I think that it's more of a possibility that Bin Laden will revert to Christianity than us achieving these goals.

      Sorry for being pessimistic but I'm too livid to have a thread of reason.


    • Would agree with you their Manohoo, but if Tevez was'nt available Torres must be our next choice then Hunterlaar.

    • Out of them Torres is your safest bet.

    • its going to be a long summer, and to keep prices down and other clubs from poaching players perhaps a certain level of secrecy is being used by our american friends