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    Smoke, Mirrors, or Incompetence?

    Has anyone considered the following (and I'm not trying to pass it off as fact, just pondering) :

    A short while ago we were under shiny new ownership and the public perception of our transfer kitty was the equivalent of the Federal gold reserve.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if people think they can take the p*ss and charge you over the odds for a player, then that's exactly what they are going to do, especially if they think you've got a blank cheque and you're desperate for a player.

    So perhaps as much as we were interested in Eto'o, is it possible that Rafa knew that it was extremely unlikely to happen, wanted to make a public show of not being able to just buy up the worlds talent and thus give anybody considering dealing with us a more "realistic" view of what they could expect to receive financially? That way, Rafa can then move to his more realistic set of targets and bypass the overpricing crap to a degree.

    Also, consider that beyond Rafa's initial high profile comments, there's been absolutely zero news out of anfield to support or deny that we're skint. Does nobody else find it a bit weird?

    I remember in years gone past, when we didn't have the cash, we were quickly in the press to let the fans know so that expectations weren't set too high but this time, silence?

    So it could be one of two things that is going on to my mind, either the above, or, much worse, we really are in the shyte and if it's the later, I can't see Rafa putting up with it for long.

    Either way though, none of us will be any the wiser until the signings start being made.

    Now, as I believe is the traditional sign off on the board ....... DISCUSS!

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    • I think he was just saying it to try and make himself look like a bit of a rebel

    • The truth of the matter is probably somewhere inbetween the two extremes of your thoughts, many things have changed since the glorydays of the seventies but the one thing which needed to revert back to those times was the policy of not letting the opposition know who you are chasing, how many times in the 90's did the mancs sign our targets? I am happy to hear the news once the deals are done, i dont care who we sign as long as they work hard for our cause and not their own reputation, be careful not to pick up bad habits on this board, most of the postees are mancs and bluenoses, the "discuss" thing is a P&S sign off, he obviously aint a scouse red.

      JUSTICE 4 da 96

    • with buying the club and building a new stadium a lot of money must be tied up making it harder to tell Rafa and rick parry how much they have to spend on new players and set aside for contracts

      so once the shareholders are all paid off and the money set aside for the new stadium a figure should be ready for transfers, signing on fees, agent scum and wages

      i just hope it does not take too long as we need any new players to settle into the squad very quickly for the start of the new season

    • I think your spot on. We've got more money that 90% of the prem teams, but there's no point flashing it around.

      Tevez is perfect example. I'm sure Rafa would love to snap him up, but at 40 mill he's saying piss off to Italy. Manc's did the same by offering 12 mill. Fact is with only one offer on the table, the Italians would be fools to spash out the 34 mill they are supposed to have offered.

      Its like walking away from a street vendor, if he wants to sell you something, he'll come running after you with the real price. Tevez maybe advertised at 40 mill, but if he stays in the prem, he won't go for more than 20 or maybe 25 mill. I doubt the 34 mill from Millan was a real offer, but if it was, I'd say go enjoy yourself some Pasta in a second rate league!

    • not saying skint or mega bucks....just sensible spending.

      maybe 30 million + on one player is to ambitious for us, but know one really knows until it all pans out. but i really don't were skint