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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2007 05:16 Flag

    Smoke, Mirrors, or Incompetence?

    I think your spot on. We've got more money that 90% of the prem teams, but there's no point flashing it around.

    Tevez is perfect example. I'm sure Rafa would love to snap him up, but at 40 mill he's saying piss off to Italy. Manc's did the same by offering 12 mill. Fact is with only one offer on the table, the Italians would be fools to spash out the 34 mill they are supposed to have offered.

    Its like walking away from a street vendor, if he wants to sell you something, he'll come running after you with the real price. Tevez maybe advertised at 40 mill, but if he stays in the prem, he won't go for more than 20 or maybe 25 mill. I doubt the 34 mill from Millan was a real offer, but if it was, I'd say go enjoy yourself some Pasta in a second rate league!

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    • Here here! His price will probibly fall, economics arent really my thing.

    • I am not sure about your analysis on Tevez. I have a friend who works in the company that owns the registration of Tevez and Mascherano, he said his company had already signalled to Rick Parry that they would accept our offer of 22m pounds on the condition that we must pay them 10m advance payment, balance on signing. That was beginning of the month. All of a sudden, my friend said we disappeared from the radar screen, don't know what happened but everything stalled! He said that's why Rafa was so pissed off, the money is simply not there!

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      • No offense to your friend Ricky, but seems to me the dealings of the true owners of Tevez have been a bit shaddy, so not surprised that owners wanted to think it over before commiting.

        Also, while I think Tevez would be great, and at 22 mill an expensive but good buy, not sure he's top of the list for Rafa, or at least not part of the plan he shared with the owners months ago. He's an opportunity buy, but if he does end up going to Italy, not necessary a big opportunity lost.

        Personally I think they put on the brakes to see if the Spainish players who I'm sure have been on the shopping list for a while, pan out. If not, Tevez would be a great option if still available.

        This seems to line up with what the owners are reported to have said today about spending on the plan, but not spending like a drunkin sailor. While Tevez would have been great, and maybe still an option, don't think they wanted a spur of the moment purchase.