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    Hicks comments to ITV before the CL final

    Hicks basically said that money was no object when pursuing Rafas targets and here we are 3 weeks after seasons end with the only activity being the 2 Hungarian lads.

    Signing youngsters is all well and good but its the first team that needs majoe surgery pronto! As Rafa said, if we don't get our signings in place soon we will be going for 3rd and the cups again. I can't believe we haven't put a bid in for Giuly as he is only £1.5 million!

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    • I don't think we need Giuly. He is old and over the hill as far as I am concerned. He has been failing to hold down a place in the Barca team and Barca is not even willing to extend his stay there. If we are to be competing with the big teams, we should not be looking at taking rejects from the same teams that we are to ultimately compete with. Malouda is not a reject. Neither are Simao, Torres, Alves etc. Those are the players that we should conntinue to pursue. Hicks and Gillet should just cough up. Otherwise we will remain second rate on the pitch.

    • I'm not too concerned yet. The Spanish season has this weekend to go, then we might see some movement. I worries me a bit when other clubs (like Chelski) are linked with players we are supposedly interested in.

      The Liverpool way is to kkep things quiet until the deal is done. I expect to see something along the lines of the announcement a few years back that we'd signed Dude and Kirkland out of the blue.

      I'm hoping for a press conference with Rafa flanked by a couple of exciting wingers and a world class striker (and as I'm feeling greedy, maybe good cover for centre-back and a full-back)

      I try not to get too excited (or downhearted) by paper talk. When I hear it from the club, I'll believe it.


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      • Agree. Think it will be mid to late next week that we might see some major announcements, not just from LFC but other teams all of whom seem to be chasing players in La Liga.

        While there are players available right now, either from EPL, or other leagues that have already concluded their seasons, think its likely in Rafa's mind they are second choices after his Spanish targets. Other think to consider is if we are chasing a Striker and a winger (which I think we all agree is the immediate need) its not just the individual quality of these two players, but how they link up with each other, and with the rest of the squad. No point picking up an available winger now, if you don't know who your striker will be, especially if they play radically different styles.

        I got a feeling we'll see one press conference with 2 or 3 players, or press annoucements very close together. Hopefully before the end of next week, so I can relax a little!

    • why are you all being so impatient -- if it's the same 3 weeks BEFORE the start of the season then worry.....