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    When and Why did Liverpool fall from dominance?

    There have been a few post recently, blaming Rafa, fans and just about anything connected with Liverpool FC in to why Liverpool have just been runners and not front runners for the league in the last 15-20 years.

    Well before Rafa was even a manager Liverpool have been struggling to compete for the League. So Rafa isnt to blame

    So my question is, When and Why did it go wrong for Liverpool?

    Was it Hillsborough? as per Rafaulations thinking

    Was it Daglish resting on his laurals with what was a great team? As per my thinking.

    Was it Souness? Completely dismanteled an ageing great team to quickly and bought to many average players.

    Was it the boards fault? Missing the boat in terms of commerical activity when the premiership started?

    or simply after 30 years of dominance thought the 60-80's that the 90's and 2000's arent simply our time?

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    • now THAT's entertainment....

      You bring out the best in people P&S!

    • SOUNESS - great player, but every managerial position he has had has turned to shi*te! LFC, Rangers, Newcastle......OK maybe he was on a loser with the later before he even started - the EPL cousin of Real Madrid - the Davey Jones Locker for footy managers!

      He sold some exceptional Liverpoool legends and bought..........umm........nope can't think of anyone off the top of my head..........Micheal Thomas? Oh Dean Saunders was OK!

    • or when lucian left with his rabbits

    • I may get slated for this but i think sky tv have bit to do with it. They give the smaller clubs a fair amount of money in tv rights hence making them able to buy better players
      and have some chance of challenging the bigger clubs. Which is all good cause the league is better and harder to win.

    • superior football knowledge like souness was a great player but not a good manager? united were better than us in the nineties?
      you're right, you've unearthed some gems there. such broad insight from such a narrow mind. again, yawn. not the first time a girl has yawned in your presence or over your performance.

    • Yeah - they are the same sean no doubt. Since you and i called rafalution out on his BOGUS "insider info" all of which was complete bulls**t he's crawled back under his rock in sunny colwyn bay! So many sad b**tards here it really emphasises why today's so-called fans are an embarrasment to the club...

    • I think it was when the liverbirds finished

    • I think management has been the root cause of the problem. Too much instability and chopping and changing as we try to find the right man for the job.

      We know our most successful periods were when we had good managers in charge over an extended period. The Mancs have had Fergie for 20 years which has been a huge factor in their recent success. Arsenal have had Wenger for 11, and he needed a few years before they got to enjoy a successful period.

      We just haven't been able to find a manager capable of gaining the confidence of the board, and the belief of the fans and the players, for long enough to rediscover that winning ethic. Many believe Rafa is the man to take us there, but he just needs more time. Look at Madrid, the management there has been a flippin merry-go-round for years, and you can see what effect that had on the performances of the team. I see us as being no different.

      I also think focussing on where we have fallen tells only half the tale of why we've had a barren title period. Our challengers have also raised the bar without a doubt in terms of consistency. We have just struggled to keep up.

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      • I'll jump in on this one with my superior footballing brain in overdrive.

        Firstly, despite his undeniable status as a legendary player Souney was and is a terrible manager, and after Kenny left we never lived up to the glories of the past due to poor signings and management brought into place by Souness and ever manger since.

        Secondly the Mancs simply outgunned us through the nineties with all their inspired youth and brilliant signings. We didn't have the know-how to compete with this as history proved and thereafter we hit the panic button after every regime failed right up to the present failure that is RAFA.

        Thirdly the FANS are to blame as you have already read in my excellent thread on the matter... The fans got us banned from Europe which killed our momentum. Then the fans happily continued accepting the dreadful teams of the 80's and 90's without doing what they should have done by BOOING from the terraces and staying away from the games in disgust at a POOR PRODUCT on the pitch. And TODAY the same fans are destroying us in Europe by stealing tickets from their own fans and CHILDREN while also accepting a manager that is KILLING the club for years to come with his dreadful master plan that still sees us 21 points off winning our first league title in 18 years!

        It's a DISGRACE!

    • i suppose no one team can dominate forever
      i think we were behind the times in terms of marketing
      also we still had the spice boy drinking culture at a time when a lot of teams were becoming more dicipined and fitness orientated

      souness chucked a load of young players in at the deep end and i think a whole generation of young talent slowly fell apart never reaching its full potential

      i think we could have recovered what would have been a minor blip if dalglish had stayed

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      • I do think our downfall was when Souness came in but I don't blame him totally. I think he did dismantle a great but ageing team and replace them with average players bought out of desperation.

        I think when Souness took over alot of our stars at the time went to him and said we want X amount of money or we are off and Souness knowing what it should mean to wear the red shirt said fair enough in that case sling your hook and we were left with having to buy quickly or suffer quickly. In the end he did buy qucikly but poorly and we have suffered ever since.