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    Momo Sissoko Signs new contract

    Well we can safely say, i dont think we will be buying any further central midfield players.

    Although we the arrival of mascarono and Lucas, i thought we would have sold him for a nice profit.

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    • Could be a way of getting more money for him though. Tying him down to a contract will make potential buyers fork out more for him

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      • It's good piece of business. As much as I am eagerly waiting for Lucas, but we don't have guarantees that he will fit in and perform in the EPL. It would be folly for us to dispose of Momo simply because Lucas is coming. Also remember that Mascherano is on loan to the end of the season. There again is no guarantee that he will be signed permanently. Not because he is not a good player, but the more he performs well for us the more his owners will be asking for when we start talking a permanent deal. I am one who was eagerly hoping that Momo would sign for a longer period. Next year or the year after, he will be worth much more than the 9m that we would have squeezed this time around.

      • carnt see it, if anything a four year contract means defo of the market. Maybe next summer but if he hasnt played then his value will be less.

    • That xenophobic fool Paisley must be apoplectic when he heard the news! In fact he is slumped on the carpet at home, drool coming out of his mouth with his eyes even more vacant than usual! I know Momo didn't have a great season last year with the injuries and confidence, but I think it is great that he has committed himself to us.

    • Not unhappy that he is likely to stay with us for a while as he really does break up play well and will run his tail off. But, I hope this does not mean we don't make a serious effort to keep Javier at the end of next season. Think he provides as good a defensive cover (maybe better) and comes in a smarter package. And, or course no doubt his distribution ability is much better. He's rivaling Alonso in that area.

    • It is pretty much a split decision on the ones who are for him signing on again and those who believe he should be cut away.

      I for one think he should have been sold. We have to many defensive mid's and from the bunch we have he is the most disposable in my eye's.

      The money that we may have made from his sale could have gone to a more attacking type player, cause that is where we are lacking.

    • Wow - once again the fickle saddo's that inhabit this board like horsefly's are backing a loser.

      For me it's another nail in RAFA'S coffin so it's all good. We could've offloaded the no-hoper SISSOKO for a decent return but nooooooo - he's a rafa lapdog so he gets to stay.

      What chance does he have of getting a place ahead of Gerrard, Mascherano, Alonso and this new kid Lucas... NONE.

      There is no logic whatsoever in keeping this deadweight in the squad when we NEED money are in debt and well equipped in central midfield as is.

      Only the brainless would see an upside to this laughable move... guess that's why it's popular with Tafty and co hahahaha

    • renewing sissoko is a good business decision.

      juventus showed interest in getting momo, so was barcelona. by extending his contract LFC has more financial leverage on a young player that is on demand.

      also, remember that lucas leiva still needs to prove himself, i doubt that he will contribute much this upcoming season.