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    For those who think Rafa should leave a few questions...

    There a few who post who think Rafa should leave a few qestions:

    If he left as was replaced by hiddink, cappello, Mark Hughes, Sergio Ramos or any manager doing well at the momment.

    Would the new manager be able to challenge Man u and Chelsea next season?

    Personally i think not, it would be a lost year with a change in staff etc new systems, new tatics, different ideas. So at best we would finish 3rd again?

    So what would be the point of changing manager this season?

    Ok for all your Rafa haters, should we mount a sustainable challenge next season where by come end of April we are still in with a shout, wether we win the EPL or come 2nd or 3rd and be with in a few points.

    Would you give him credit? or would say we he's just bought the sucess?

    So come Jan if we are nowhere to be seen again in the league after the money spend this summer ( alledgly) then i feel it will be time to start looking for a new manger but not now.

    We are not far short of having a real quality team and wether you hate or love him he deserves one more season with some real money to spend ( matching the spending power of chelsea and Man U)to prove us either right or wrong in our opinions of him?


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    • I'll admit I've posted some Rafa doubts over the last few weeks, but I'm still a believer in his methods. But, my patience is not endless. I want a prem title next season, but don't expect it. What I do expect is marked improvement on this year. We need to be within 6 points of the leader through the balance of the season for me to say its a real improvement. But if we're more than 10 points off by the end of November I'll start looking around and thinking who might do a better job.

      Rafalution is right, the long term health looks good, but on paper we had a strong squad this year, but were off the mark. With some minor improvements this year we should be in the running come next May. If not, I thik we all need to be honest and ask did Rafa spend the Yanks money well, and did he get the best out of the players he's got. I've got faith now, but the clock is ticking, so I'm looking for improvement this coming season

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      • Yep I'm with you there. He deserves another year to prove we can challenge. If we have another one like last year (ie out of the race by Christmas), then I think that'll do me as far as Rafa's concerned.

        By the end of this year he will have had 4 full campaigns in charge. I asked in another thread how long do people think is reasonable for Rafa to be allowed to build? Is 4 years of poor results for a club of our calibre enough for us to call time on him? I don't think Houllier had much longer before he was shown the door - and there was a decent 2nd place finish and a cup treble among his achievements!

        Look at what happened at Madrid. They DEMAND instant results. Capello was only a year into his contract, he WON LA LIGA in his first year, and he was still axed because the president allegedly thought his style wasn't producing the kind of attacking football they want! It's almost a farcical situation if you compare it to what we've seen at our club with Rafa since he arrived....if anything Parry is telling us fans to be patient, I ask why the hell should we be? None of the other big clubs in Europe seem to be.

        Should our new owners DEMAND that same kind of performance from Rafa? How tolerant should they be, or us as fans for that matter? 18 years is a bloody long time between drinks. Maureen has said he would have been sacked by his club had they not won the title by now - ok a slightly different situation but in terms of expectations for a big club, I ask sometimes whether we should have the balls to cut Rafa lose if he doesn't start delivering some consistent improvement.

        He has to make our title challenge THE NUMBER ONE priority this year - in his selections, in his transfers, in everything. If he can't see a priority as simple as that, he's just out of touch IMO - with the fans, and with what the club really wants and needs to re-establish itself PROPERLY among the elite clubs of Europe.

        No PROPER challenge this year, then that's it for me with Rafa I'm afraid. I'll even accept a 3rd or 4th place finish again, but ONLY as long as it's in a decent, tight finish in May rather than another 20 points plus embarrassment!

      • I think dsteer the reason we are having a slow start bcause we are buying our players to late into the transfer window, so they don't haver time to gel together.
        Good example is Kuyt last season, did'nt get signed till three days before our first game of the season.
        Also last season a lot of people played in the world cup and exhaustion was to play a part, plus unlucky injuries from day one to key players Carra and Riise.
        If we are to make a serious challenge next season we have to buy our new players in quick so they have time to play together. The fact we could have Torres in as little as two weeks is a big advantage but we shouls be the wingers and central defender we need in that time scale as well.

    • A few points here..i think it is safe to say that if we finish 20pts behind the league winners whoever they be Rafa will go....if we finish 2nd by a couple of points the consensus is he stays..but this hypothetical 2nd spot needs to be backed up by silverware in other areas...2nd spot with,for example, an FA Cup win is progress but i'm sorry to be brutal but 2nd spot and no silverware means we win nothing..or am i being harsh

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      • Depends on how we exit those cup compititions. If we come second in the league but are knocking on the door, I'll be happy. But if we drop out of the League or FA cup like this past season I'll be a little upset. May not mean I'll be calling for Rafa's head, but this past season domestic cups were an embarresment. Sure bring out the kids and rest some big names, but name a squad that can win.

        I think we have to go for Champions league no matter what. This is our compitition, and no other British team can touch us. We have to name a squad that can win every game we play in Europe. The fans deserve as many European nights as possible.

        There is a difference between being beaten and just losing. If I see improvement all around in how the squad plays, I'll keep my head up and ask Rafa to keep us going.

      • slightly, as its always good to win to silverwear, but it can also gloss over other failing look at 2005, we finished 5th and were dreadfull in the league but we won the champions league and it was all sunshine and flowers.

        I think any real supporter wouldnt be to bothered without silverwear next year AS LONG come the end of the season we can have a chance of winning the league and any silverwear is a bonus.

    • I think we already have the right manager and he does seem happy with the direction the american owners want to go.
      It is a rebuilding stage we are in and I reckon in two seasons we will be real title contenders.
      I think a top three position is assured for next season but we will be closer to the other two but there will be still room for improvement.
      The academy is going through a new change and we should see the outcome of these changes over the next few years.
      Rafa is building the base for a club that will dominate football for the next 15-20 years, he does'nt want to do a quick fix, we are not Blackburn(who won it once thenrelegated shortly after). Rafaw ants us not to just win the prem, but every competition and keep doing it every season.
      With the new stadium, a short contract with carlsberg untill the new stadium is finished, once that done the new sponsers coud generate 5 times as much as Carlsberg have done.
      We will be top again no doubt about that, but we have to be paitent Rome was'nt built in a day.