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  • Any chance that we can make Mascherano's stay permanent during this transfer window. Chances are that if he plays well early in the season, whoever owns him will want an arm and a leg when we ry to permanently sign him.

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    • Not sure this is possible by the terms of the loan agreement, but would be nice. Judging by what happened to Tevez, got a feeling that we would be in the same position as WHU next summer. He might not be as expensive, but got a feeling he will be in demand. Also hope we have a first refusal in the buying rights at the end of the loan if we cannot buy outright now, and that we put away a few quid for it. Holding/Defensive midfielders seem to attract major green in EPL. Look at Carick and Hargrieves. Personaly think Javier will blow the Manc's new Canadian away