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  • Jesper Jesper Jul 1, 2007 02:01 Flag

    Sailor Boy, Sailor Boy wherefore art thou?

    So Sailor boy, your finally admitting that YOUR not the CURRENT European form team at the moment.

    Your last post had absolutely no substance and was totally defeatist. Picking other boring suggestions about mundane subjects that have nothing to do with the original topic this thread was about.

    To me that sounds out a person who has failed in his attempt to convince people that he was correct. All in all, just sums you up in a nut shell my foe. Stick to your own forum, where people actually think your Intelligent. "Cough".

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    • are you shore it a burning smelllllllllll

    • fair 'nuff....

      I'm just racking my brains trying think of anyone who went from LFC to Man U and was actually welcomed by their fans...

    • Seanice, as a Toffee I'm curious what you make of Everton's rumoured interest in Alan Smith. Do you have a problem with Manc leftovers, or is that just a Liverpool thing??

    • ...this is so funny. You mancs still crying after I proved you for the dumb muppets you really are? -so much so that you come here crying? hahahahahaha...

      Let's recap, because this was real entertainment:

      1. You mancs post a thread "New European Super Powers" and idenitfy Barca and Bayern as such as.

      Fact: Bayern are not in the CL (hahahaha...); LFC kicked barca into touch last season, so they're not it. I point out that LFC were in the final twice in three years.

      2. You then start bleating that LFC have not won the league for a long time.

      Fact: I had to rein your asses in and remind you it is NEW EUROPEAN superpowers we are talking about and not league. Following a lot of childish comments you mancs came to your senses.

      3. You print other clubs who have achieved 2 finals in 3 seasons, going back to when Noah was still building the Ark.

      Fact: I had to remind you sorry asses that it is NEW EUROPEAN powers not historical. This was so funny because you accuse us of living in the past, but when talking about Europe that is all you scums can do.

      4. You then claim AC Milan are best when I have already pointed out with strong reasons as to why it is LFC.

      5. More manc childish comments follow. At which point I pointed out that talking about Europe on a manc board was an oxymoron thing to do.

      I single-handedly whooped your asses -I am far more intelligent then you scums, and the fact you are here crying about it proves it.

      Not only that, I am far more handsome, I have more girlfriends, and I have a bigger manhood than you scums. Now b*gger of back to the manc board, as I am claiming you all as my b*tches; I will be back there later on for further entertainment.

      Next..Next..I said NEXTTTTTTTT !!!!!!

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      • Yawn... Here we go again?

        Ok ok..Lets clear this up. If you are saying who is the current European in form team, then it has to be AC Milan. They have been in the same amount of finals as you in the last 3 years and just won the LATEST CL final.

        So it's a simple FACT that they are the CURRENT in form club team in europe and not LFC. So now shut it ffs!

        Sailor boy. I have to give it to you for sheer persistance. But combining fact with fiction isn't really my thang! NEWEST unfortunately your not. Well done a few years ago, but that's past history. As you so rightly put it.

        So "NEW" has to be AC Milan. I know it hurts to see truely great MODERN teams like Manchester United ans AC Milan eclipsing you on their brilliant attractive brand of football and MODERN history.

        But just sit back and accept it. Your time will come. Maybe not in our lifetime. But one day You will be able to write a post that actually makes sense and not change subject to hide your discrepancies involving your weaknesses.

      • twice in 2 years twice in 3 seasons thats not a dig by the way..

    • i take it u r a manc???