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  • Agree mosh a great bit of Business, maybe why it took so long to go through.
    but respect to Torres for taking a pay cut because he wanted to come to liverpool.

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    • yeah respect to Torres for taking a pay cut....oooo....now he'll only get £70,000 a week instead of £80,000.....he's the man!

      Lets hope he's worth it!

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      • Yeah and I'll add this no doubt he'll make up any lost earnings from cup matches including Champions League and match appearances and no doubt they'll be bonuses to be made from how many goals he scores .. gonna be very exciting because we've 3 excellent strikers: Torres, Crouch, Kuyt ooh yeah what a mouth watering prospect this coming season, and future seasons promise to be :) I just hope Torres scores on his debut and we win our first league game thats what we need to do.. we started off our campaign last season why too slow we only got going mid way through the season.. I still feel we need more strikers & defenders and now Garcia has gone whose gonna fill that spot? It was Garcia who gave us the edge in 2005's Champions League victory..I just hope we can lift the Premier League title this season..