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    TORRES is in, next?

    we have finally taken a real step forward with "el niño," however our league contenders have improved as well. i feel that now we need to add quality, since we can very much cover all positions as we are today, with the possible exception of left wing (kewell does not do it for me)

    these are the players i would target:

    ALVES: chelsea is after him, luckily sevilla rejected the initial offer. real madrid wants him too.

    RIQUELME: world class player at a bargain price. we don't have a stopped ball specialist, this guy can deliver in that department... and he is one the top 3 playmakers in the world, better than fabregas or lampard

    NERY CASTILLO: simply, much better than lennon or kewell or robben or..., with the added bonus that he plays on the left side and can finish with ease.

    GABI MILITO: we need a world class central defender to partner with carra. juventus and real madrid are interested in him.

    SILVA: excellent attacking midflielder, one of the best in world in that position

    NAKAMURA: plays a similar role to riquleme, not as good though.

    HUNTELAAR: i don't know much about him, however many of you really like him, enough reason to make it to my list

    these ones i wouldn't even bother trying:
    ETO'O: too expensive, perhaps not even an option
    DAVID VILLA: too expensive
    TEVEZ: a football mercenary, sorry, it's the truth
    MALOUDA: not a fan of him

    i wanted to say this for a while:


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    • Interesting selection of players!

      If we go for RIQUELME then Gerrard will need to move to the wing. A combination that probably won't work as we still end up short on a quality winger. RIQUELME is great play maker and deadly with the dead ball but he does not track back to defend. Would love to see him play for us but I think we already have too many midfielders! So with regret I will have to so no to him.

      My first preference would be CASTILLO (based on the video I just seen) he can do something for us next season and is also one for the future, and second Alves or Silva. Need to see more of all three, especially on how well they track back to help defend (ie can they tackle like Stevie can!).

      Milito is much better then Hienze so I don't have a problem with him.

      I agree with your view on NAKAMURA and the others, the above should be our first choice. I need to see more of Castillo because he really does look fantastic - perhaps what Gonzalas was supposed to have been!