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    .........................Everton Will Overtake Liverpool, THIS Season.....


    ...............and here´s why....

    Most of you girls and regular decent posters all know i follow the best team on Merseyside.....EVERTON, so with my acute and talented footballing brain im here to educate the usual dipweeds on the finer arts of the game.....

    We have the Better Goalkeeper by far...........5M, No:1 Choice for Country and Best player in recent Yankee Tourno.
    recentley acknowledged as the best buy of last season, by Liverpool footballing greats such as david Fairclough, Jan Molby, Beardsley and..................Mick Dundee.

    WITHOUT A SHADE OF DOUBT, the best defence on Merseyside...........say no more, as proven last season by 2, yes 2 clean sheets against you failing attackers.....say mo more, except YOU now all wish you´d bought Lescott, an Internationl of the future, that will send that overrated lard-ass Carragher further down Malcom McClarens pecking order.......bookmark my words..

    Midfielders......Yes you can pass the ball.....BUT you cant tackle, The ever present Carsley is and has proved to be a better holding Midfielder than the shower of tripe on show at Analfield....Mascherano, -i havent signed a deal yet-, is a boy against a man.........no contest.

    .......The only decent Alonso to come out of Spain, is a different fernando and he cant kick aball to save his life, he drives a very fast car.....say no more

    La La.....good player BUT continually swapped around like a pawn on fatBoys chess board, just so he can say whose boss.............complete waste of talent and space when it comes diving and moaning like a whore on stag weekend.

    Arteta.......THE BEST SPANISH midfielder in the country and voted best by a sky sports poll, you cant argue with the facts....a wizard at distribution and a LOYAL player as proved by signing a new deal.

    Cahill.......THE BEST attacking midfielder not only on Merseyside but also arguably in the COUNTRY, the Best AUSSIE probably EVER to grace the Prem, freely scores against the RS and is the envy of every player in the Liverpool bogs.

    AJ.......Vaughn.........BIG Vic....pound for pound the most potent recipe for a big fluffy cake in the next Derby.........the 3-0 handshake will always be synominous with the Derby from now on, Vaughn WILL be better than Rooney and will skin your poor centre backs to shreds next season...BOOKMARK it....

    Jagielk at 4M is the bargain of the century....this future England star will outshine the Headlines in that rag of toilet tissue , THE ECHO, next season....demoting the over priced spaniard, to the lettings and renewals page...

    Too many tactical rotations, too much sight on Europe, ....Everton with only a slighter later exit than the last decbarcle, though im sure we´re capable of a semi final berth....Too much time of bedding in new faces, a team and Mnager and certainly some fans in disarray, against a settled in form, coherent BLUE taskforce, you can all see the obvious difference.

    So, peeps.........now that ive explained how and why EVERTON, will claim at least 4th slot, ABOVE Liverpool next season...take a reality check and bump yourselves and that overhyped self inflated Hot Air Ballon back down to earth and get ready for another show of pure excellence in Attacking and Defensive Football..............hahhaahahahahha

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    • hahahahahahaha gr8 one sean your best joke yet! keep it up m8

    • Mature reply (as always)!! Apart from the trick with Ribena, I just wonder what else you do to pleasure yourself !?

      Useless reply.....NONE WANTS TO COMPETE WITH YOU COZ YOU TALK SHYTE ! Hahahahahaha

    • Yeah...my hype is the undoing of Liverpool !!!! What a crap answer !! if you were a real Everton fan you would debating issues on their boards not here you muppet ! And just for the record, no one is laughing....except at you and your useless posts, as all the other messages say !!!!!! So away back to picking at your smelly arse crack as is your want !!! Hahahahahahahaa....

    • nice try but your views still show that you show nothing and are obviously getting frustrated ........ probably in more ways than one.

      firtsly I dont have to justify anything to you - you may believe i'm a super LFC fan or not - why would i care. you may or may not belive i was in athens - again don't really care.

      simple fact is that you have nothing to say that has anymore worth than one of those new chelski armchair fans - but then again you did say that your team played in blue ......... ahhh not only a fifa manager addict but a chesea fan to boot - looks like you are showing your real colurs now.

      stop being so excited and write with some sense ......... just for once !!!

    • we always look for the derby as its a sideshow to the rest of the season bragging rights aside ......... you think we're worried about everton ....... you must be a cuckoo floating in cuckoo land - we come up against the biggest teams in europe and you honestly believe that gollum and his puppet show are a concern to us - heh heh heh. i must bow to your comical attributes as they are truly outstanding.

      as for events in athens - well, i'm well aware of what happened thank you. unlike you i follow my team in europe. I was there and know what heppened and the true events...... which you dont.

      so onec more run on home.

    • Sean, you posted that at 11:17am

      Thats a bit early to be drinking mate

    • hope our demise doesnt lead to another champions league final and the best seeded british team in europe again as that would be a catastrophe. instead i really hope that we have the ambition and drive to reach 4th place in all its greatness ......... ooops found myslef coming over all evertonian in a lack lustre sort of a way !!!

      think you'll find its us that will be laughing at you as gollum (ooops moyes) takes you to mid table as are you real aspirations - seems that the highlight of a season for you is only as much as a game against the mighty lfc - one season never makes a team ......... remind me, when was the last time you won something my precious.

      looking forward to playing your average team again and laughing at you average support.

    • Can u just remind me when was the last time everton won a cup??haha..also last year our defence ( like the years be4 ) were better than yours, so when you say oru are an evertonian in front of a liverpolian put your head in the ground coz u have no history comparing to our history..hahaha...LIVERPOOL 4EVER ARE THE BEST

    • Guys, this pile of tired and non-sensical rhetoric from an obviously delusional and frustrated Everton fan doesn't even deserve the time of day. If I could be bothered I would ask, when was the last time Everton won a trophy ? Indeed, for the Blue side of Merseyside, I really hope they don't finish fourth, as they would only embarrass themselves AGAIN in the qualifying stages of the Champions League the following year as they did a couple of seasons ago - they are just not good enough, but then Stevie Wonder could see that ! If Everton ever do finish ahead of Liverpool, it will only be before this clampett wakes up and has his cornflakes.

    • In the same way most everton players hinge their whole season on the result of two derbies!!!!! TAXI FOR THE ICE MAN!

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