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    Wrexham Thanks!

    Wrexham boss Brian Carey has thanked Liverpool counterpart Rafael Benitez after Saturday's friendly generated vital funds for the Welsh club.More than 11,000 fans turned up at the Racecourse Ground to watch the Dragons' annual friendly against the Merseyside giants, who won 3-2.

    "We are grateful to Rick Parry, Rafa and everyone at Liverpool for coming down and supporting us," said Carey, whose club should receive a six-figure sum from the game receipts.

    "It means an awful lot to us. The club has come out of administration now and we have got to continue moving forward, building bridges and the like with the community.

    "That was something we couldn't do previously when we were in administration.

    "But we are now in a position where we've got to take the club forward and it's something we need to look at for this season."

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    • i think uafa should look into starting a mini champion league for the championship and li and l2 not only would it bring in much needed cash with tv rights and stuff but allso this could bring some real good young players frow and im sure other euro countrys could befit aswell or this silly idea?

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      • Not such a daft idea. Football is more an more driven by money, and the have and have nots are getting further apart. This is true in the Prem with most clubs (without major investment) really having no chance of challenging for the title. But also true throughout the various Divisions in the FA.

        Cup runs bring in major cash, especially high profile compititions like UEFA run compititions. I'd like to see a revamping of the 3 major Euro cups, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Intertoto. Maybe making Intertoto or a new compitions, a cup lower division clubs can compete in would be in line with your idea. Being realistic is there any Prem team that would really want to win the Intertoto, but sure lower division teams, and their fans, would love to take a crack at it.