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    Fergie Tapping Up Again?

    If Tevez is contracted to WHU haven't given permission to talk to United surely this is a clear case of tapping up. Either he is under contract to WHU and United need to be taken to task for tapping up or WHU need to be relegated for breaching the rules. If they are found guilty of tapping up deducting Utd 10 points would be a good start....... Bet they don't have the balls to do either.

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    • once the court rules any wrong doings it will be a good integrity test for EPL officials

    • I'm a Man Utd fan and have to say it looks like we are blatantly tapping him up. We've even publicly admitted that we have held talks with him.

      So why havent West Ham reported us? Perhaps because they dont own the player maybe? And reporting us would very quickly bring all that to light. They must be absolutely sh*tting it right now! They clearly have no contract or hold on the player and lied to the Premier league. You're right that United should be docked at least 10 points - but its not Man Utd!!

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      • Just been chatting in our office about the same thing.

        What is puzzling me is that West Ham havent put an offical complaint in yet over Man U chatting to Tevez and agreeing terms, as if WHU own tevez it is a clear and cut case of tapping up as WHU havent given permission to for the transfer to go ahead.

        Which leads me to think that MSI still have an interest in the player more than a simple agent and west ham are giving the media spiell about him going nowhere but infact they will hope it all slips under the radar the transfer to Man u as they dont want the premier league, FA and FIFA going any futher in to this matter.

        All this must be joy to the ears of sheffield united but every one will close ranks so nothing major happens and brushed under the carpert and tevez joins Man U and sheffield stay relagated.

    • All the signings west ham are maing will actully make it all the harder for the FA to relegate them. West Ham would say they would not have bought these players, they can no longer afford these players, the players will say they signed for a Premiership side. Its a complete cock up from head to toe, i feel very sorry for sheff utd

    • would only finish 10 points behind then wouldnt you. united have followed procedure so no point arguing on an issue that dont exist. sorry mate but you have to start on same points as us.

    • All I can say is expect another stitch up boys. Fact is FA is not going to sanction Man U unless they have an iron clad case. SAF will say he believed he had gotten permission, and it will be his word against WHU, so guess what happens.

      FA is not going to go after WHU either. We all know they never owned Tevez outright, and if the FA digs it will just expose how imcompentent they were, twice. First in the initial transfer, and then when it came to light there was a 3rd party, and they took WHU word that the contract with the Iranian had been ripped up.

      All parties, Tevez's people, WHU, Man U, and the FA have an interest in coming up with a quiet compromise, so they will. I'll expect he'll go to Man U on a long term loan with option to buy. Then there will be quite deals on the side to ensure the Iranian gets his money back, and the FA will take a blind view, and say the loan is between man u and WHU, with anything involving the Iranian being a seperate matter outside there area of responsibility.

      Who really looses. Of course Sheffield Utd, but its a small club, so why upset the apple cart over them. But we the fans also get hurt, even the Mancs. We are the ones who pay for all this in ticket sales, TV fee's, and everything else. But we get the wool pulled over our eyes, and think its a level pitch. Fact is, money drives it, and those with the money will get their way!