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    liverpool snapping up uniteds rejects!

    Hey Rafa,

    do you want any of our other players who arent good enough for the Champions 1st team. It makes sense to buy players who have already won a premiership medal due to the impossibility of winning one at Anfield.

    How embarassing that your having to try and get Uniteds players due to the stregnth of our 1st team.

    Rafa obviously has no idea how much you hate united players and im sure you will hardly welcome a player into your team that has a prized premiership champions medal at home won by the enemy and probably is his most prized possesion in football

    i mean at least you can still afford to pay the top wages. Maybe Fletcher and Oshea might be interested!


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    • Wayne Ronney tosser

    • Veron was that?

      Oh rite is that the player who left united for 16 million to join chelski and has a certain premiership winners medal for his efforts. He helped us recoup most of what we paid and delivered the biggest domestic prize, how many liverpool players have done that in the last...........lets say 17 years?

      Il give you 3 guesses but ive got a feeling you might pass that question. Call it a hunch

    • Tust me if you did sign him, he would do a great job.

      he is versatile and strong with lots of passion and would fit into any team without a problem, he has played in south america the premiership, world cups and copa americas and has not struggled. dont doubt his class just his judgement if he does want to leave united for scouseland even if it is just to play 1st team footie!

    • Thank for clearing that up mufcPRK

      I will second what mathew said, but i will add this. VERON say no more, because you look stupid enough.

    • You should know your own tricks best as you picked up the Huyton Shrek from Kirkby Town FC

    • every manager will sign players they believe will be good and be let down by the player

      Heinze is a tough in the tackle, but i doubt he would fit into the defensive team i just cant see him alongside carra, agger and the mighy finn

    • Sorry i forgot i was talking to you, Il try and write in a simplistic special way just for you. OK?

      I meant Rafa has bought crap before as in signed players who are not very good. ie players that dont have a neck!!

    • It would'nt be the first time either? I am not sure what you mean, explain please.

      That is only my opinion, i am not the manager for a reason.
      I have plenty of faith in Rafa, what he has done for the club in such a short space of time is out-standing.

      Crap was a strong word! Sorry i never ment to offend.

    • But you must at least conceed that fact that with Utd spending so much money on players recently, they are bound to have a good team...but no longer can Ferguson complain about Chelsea (or anyone else) spending as much as they did over the past couple of seasons.

      Let the title race begin indeed...already looking forward to the Reds' first home game on August 19th !

    • ok i will answer your questions as honest as i can

      Was i sad to see Becks go? Not really, this was because we had 10 years of his career which is generally pretty loyal plus i understood his reasons. ie falling out with fergie. I have alot of time for beckham and am forever grateful for what he did for us

      would United sell ronaldo to liverpool for 50 million? No of course not, plus Ronaldo would not sign even if we did want to sell, he is to loyal and understands the rivalry between us, just like he would never join Benfica or Porto.

      Would i mind if United tried to sign Torres if fergie retires? It wouldnt happen, Torres will become a liverpool legend i think and fair play for getting him, he will soon understand the rivalry between us and will understand that joining united was chance that is no longer possible for him. I actually like him and think he will score alot of goals if he can handle the physical side of the prem, which i think he will learn to quickly as he has proven his class.

      In a way im just glad that the premier league are enticing young players like him from top leagues like Spain. It is not a good advert for there league and reinforces the fact that we have the most exciting league in the world with the best players and best teams especially as he is spains golden boy and has turned his back on barca and real.

      anyway United have so much talent for next season it will be hard to find room on the bench. We have built another team that if it gels well then we will pretty much unbeatable. Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Giggs, Sholes, Nani, Anderson in the same team.

      Surely that thought must make you want to cry!

      let the race for the title begin!!


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