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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 20, 2007 03:20 Flag

    Need for more tallent vs. A well settled Squad

    My question is what is the balance between bring more players into the squad, and making sure we have a team that is settled and can come up fighting together on the first day of the new season?

    A while back, it seemed most people on this board expressed our need for the following:

    20+ Goal striker
    1 or 2 top shelf wingers
    Coverage player for back 4

    Right now I think we've more than got our striker between Torres and Voronin. I'd say we are looking at 30+ between them.

    On Wingers we've added Babel and Yossi. Add this to Pennant and Kewell and I think we look pretty good on the wide spots. Sure be nice to bring in a top name, but do we need 5 wingers?

    Back 4. The old phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" seems to come to mind. Sure we got issues on the left with Aurellio out, but we also have decent coverage with Riise. We also have Sami and Arbeloa as cover players. Maybe we could use one more coverage player, and the Italian looks good to me as he's young and can grow into our system. Also understand he can cover both left back and center back, which would be nice.

    For me, the big name buys are over with, and anyone else coming in will be either bit players, coverage players, or youth for the future. Considering what our overall net spending was, i'd say Rafa had one hell of a summer. Now its time to let them gel, and get ready for Aston Villa.

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    • I like both Aurelio and riise but we all know that when they advance they leave huge gaps behind and so the defence is susceptible for counter attacks especially against teams like Man U, Chelsea and most of all Arsenal who have some fast midfielders and attackers. What we really need are CB's more like Hyppia and Carra and less than Aurelio and Riise. We need strong defenders that don't really have to be very fast but solid when it comes to one to ones. With Mascherano and Alonso just above the defence, as soon as they get the ball, they should be the ones to start the attack and not the defenders. If we all take a good look at last season, we let in the majority of goals through the back four errors.

      Rafa has a vision that slowly is coming clear to all of us, he wants all the midfielders including the Wingers to be able to score and create as much as possible. He worked this way with Valencia and it succeeded, I should work here too with Babel, Yossi, Pennant, kewell, Alonso and Gerrard all able to score.