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    Bring back King Kenny!

    After much discussion over the weekend with my superior network of ELITE footballing minds, I have come to the conclusion that once the failure of Torres and another year without a PREMIERSHIP title brings the imminent downfall of Rafa Benetiz there really is only one man to take us back to the top... KENNY DALGLISH.

    While i have mooted other top managers for the job i have now settled on KENNY because he is the only one strong enough to rebuild our club.

    We all know the pressure of Hillsborough was a main factor in King Kenny's departure but the fact remains that he is a RED through and through and time has hopefully healed him enough to come back. Even after he went Kenny won a title with BLACKBURN, and i believe the history and tradition of our club will remain intact under his leadership. All the foreign dross will be cast aside for top HOMEGROWN and PROVEN EPL TALENT. The youth system will go back to producing HOMEGROWN legends under its rightful leader STEVIE HEIGHWAY and once again we will become the ELITE club that we haven't been for 18 years!

    THREE decent trophies in 15 years is a f**king disgrace... and only ONE man can bring back our honour, integrity ans winning ways of our club... KING KENNY!!!!!!!


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    • mufcprick you should be called

    • And there we have it... a prime example of a village idiot wandering on to the wrong board again!

    • "Enjoy your time watching an inferior product on the COSTA DEL KOP while i continue to advocate a return to the glory days and everything that made LFC what it once was and will be again when KING KENNY returns!"

      And we'll have the likes of Rush, Barnes, Beardsely, Houghton, Whelan, Hansen, Lawrenson and Grobbelaar playing for us too. They'll bring us a trophy next year.... NOT.


    • He's too busy RETIRED..... Shankly is dead, as is Paisley... RAFA is the present and the future,,,,, GET OVER IT YOU FOOL!

    • Thanks for coming Ken. Enjoy your time watching an inferior product on the COSTA DEL KOP while i continue to advocate a return to the glory days and everything that made LFC what it once was and will be again when KING KENNY returns!

    • Fool, the new season hasn't started and yet and you have this knowledge to just write us off.... thats up to you but you really are setting yourself up for a potential mighty fall. I actually don't claim that Liverpool will definitely win anything... I just say lets wait and see.... You on the other hand know everything and therefore are a fool!

    • You are clueless Ken. My superior footballing knowledge is so above you you are barely worth my precious time and elite insight. He says the Mancs and Chelsea aren't fielding a BRITISH team when their whole CORE is full of homegrown stars. Neville, Rio, Carrick, Giggs, Scholes, Hargreaves and Rooney anyone? Meanwhile Chelsea have Terry, Cashley, Joe Cole, Lamps, SWP and Sidwell all set to tear it up this term. NExttttttttttttttt...

    • I DIDN'T COMPARE US TO THE MANCS.... Fool! You are the one who says that we should aspire to be like the successfull sides of the 90's and this decade (ie ARSENAL, MAN UTD and Chelsea) none of whom have BRITISH teams. Then you throw in pathetic statements comparing Jol to the legendary Shankly and say we should aspire to be like Tottenham (a team who have won nothing!). You are a fool!

    • Listen KEN you t**t, since WHEN have WE delivered? THREE decent trophies since the Premiership began and NO title in 18 years since KING KENNY LEFT... Hello knock knock... anyone in there?

      All you towrags need to realise we are a JOKE team. How in hell can you compare US to the Mancs when they have 14 major trophies in 15 years and 9 PREM titles? You sicken me with your stupidity!

    • Welcome back from the chimp house Paisley(Footballing elite minds!).
      As usual you are talking crap about players who hav'nt even kicked a ball in the prem yet.
      But to s small point I have to agree with you.
      I still think Rafa will deliver us the prem, but Dalglish is the only man I would like to see if Rafa got replaced.
      But you still talk crap in most your posts you do know that and your a coward.

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      • It's incredible that RAFALUTION still has the front to show up on this board and call himself a LIVERPOOL fan isn't it!

        I mean THIS is the guy who LIED over numerous transfers that never happened and is STILL refusing to apologise to his fellow supporters after building our hopes up with his "inside information.

        What's even funnier though is that he still expects US to take him seriously after posting the most hilarious statement on here yet. When i suggested that CARRA should be captan... he replied saying he didn't think defenders should be captains! Obviously JOHN TERRY, FABIO CANNAVARO, BOBBY MOORE and someone called EMILYN HUGHES weren't up to the job then. Haaaa hahahaha ... PURE COMEDY GOLD Tafty... QUALITY!!


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