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    would benitez do the same as fergie?

    bearing in mind that hienze is in the last few years of his career and wants to spend them playing football is it fair of fergie to block a move to us? would raffa do the same?
    i don't thik i'd like to see rise in a man u shirt and i don't think raffa would allow it

    is it the sort of ruthlesness we admire in raffa that fergie is displaying or is it using a player who has given good service to the club to spite the old enemy?

    is the player being disloyal to the fans in wanting to join us? being argentinian can he understand the rivalry?

    i suspect if we don't get him he will rot in the reserves as an example to others

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    • I think this whole thing is bloody childish, OK so we are rivals but I'm sure Barca and R.Madrid don't mind selling players to one another and they are just as big as rivals if not bigger than us and if you think about the Champions League which is the biggest competition between the so call biggest teams across Europe will they refuse to sell to teams that they think can stop them winning that in the future? Ive only seen i Man Utd fan with sense on sky sports news when he said if he wants to go let him, whats the point of keeping him if he don't want to play for them and in his opinion they have the players in the squad to manage without him anyway. In his mind he believes this and i agree with it to a point yes if the desire to move is there let him go to play for us, but the squad carry on, well let him dream eh, lol.
      What i want to know though is if we offered the amount that's mentioned n his contract where he is allowed to leave, how can he be stopped from going where he wants, surely that is breaking the contract by MUFC, yes?

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      • I read on Sky that Heinze's lawyers claim they have a letter from Gill stating that he can leave the club if they get an offer of at least 6.8M. Then this letter somehow made the rounds of the larger clubs in Europe.

        Man U have not said the letter does not exist, but believe it does not overide his contract. They've also said he's already passed the deadline to buy out the remaining year on his contract. Sounds to me that's one for the lawyers to sort out.

        However there are two sides of this if we look at it objectivly. One if he is really under contract (no get out of jail card) then Man U have every right to keep him. Why sign a multi year contract if your not going to hold both parties to it. From the players side, I also heard he's interested in playing for Liverpool. Got to assume that means he wants to stay in England, wants Champions league football, and wants a team where he thinks he can make the starting 11. For a player who just wants to play, that makes perfect sense. He may also think we are odds on favorite to win the champions league next season, which is one major compition he's not won (I think).

        However bottom line, unless Rafa is trying to prove a point, not sure we need worry about this. Right now based on performance of Risse, Heinze would only get limited time at left back based on rotation policy.

    • raffa is reported as saying that it is in the hands of the lawyers i doubt lawyers would be involved if he wanted to stay at united but it is not unknown for agents to push up a players wages or force contract negotiations by doing this sort of thing

      could it be we are being used by heinzes agent for this purpose? it's been taken a bit far if that is the case and i don't think hienze will thank him for it.

    • Syco, i do think there is more to this whole affair than we are told in the media, but I do think that the main points will be 1. does Heinze want to leave which it appears he does because SAF won't give him regular football, 2. Is there a legal document that can force Sir Alconoses hand and finally 3. Does Heinze want to come to Liverpool. I'm guessing the only people who are going to get to the answer to all of these are either the player or the lawyers!

    • Jesus Damain, how many variations of SAF can you get in one thread!!

      Wasnt suggesting you read the NOTW, but that is where most of this story seems to come from!

      I personally would like to see a statement officially released from Heinze before I make any judgement on what should happen. His agents have been troublemakers since he joined us, we had exactly the same with Real Madrid last summer until Heinze came out and stated he didnt want to leave!

    • As I've said and I'll repeat, WE SHALL SEE!

    • You aint getting Heinze so just deal with it and move on

      Even our 2nd rate players have 2 much ambition to join a team that hasnt won there domestic title for nearly 2 decades!!

      Snigger snigger


    • Syco, I'm not a NOTW reader but recall reading that Heinze had instructed his lawyers to sort the matter out (I'm sure I read it on Yahoo sport pages). If United as they say are willing to sell him (just not to Liverpool) then the only reason he would instruct lawyers is to force Sir Alcopop to sell him to Liverpool!

    • Damian, havent seen a single quote where he has said he wants to go to Liverpool. And i dont meen NOTW exclusives.

    • i hate the players owe the club mentality if a player had a crap season he would be out the door long service or not so to expect any different back is stupid. the only people loyal in foot ball are the fans.

      i'm not really sure why this is such a big deal it's not as if letting us have hienze is handing us the title. if we don't get him i'm sure there are other defenders of equal quality for 7mil

      i do sort of understand the manu viewpoint but it's not as if he is manu through and through like gigs or scoles

    • I wouldn't want a player who wanted to leave... that was the attitude of Rafa when SG was muting going to Chelsea. A good manager would convince him to stay with re-assurances about his future... Sorry Ling but on this one I think you are taking a very Red devil sour grapes kind of stance, the 'if we can't have him then Liverpool certainly can't'. If as Seanice says Everton are a big club then Utd would not have Rooney and many other big clubs have sold players to united without telling players where they can or can't go! Get real, the bloke has stated that he wants to play for Liverpool and in one thread you go on about how the united fans respect him as a player and in the next you say how he owes the club something!

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