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  • what does "the special one" gain by always sayin we are under more pressure than chelsea

    is it a poor attempt at mind games or is he just feeling the pressure himself and trying to deflect some of it?

    or is it fear talking?

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    • I think I would be safe if I went into Ladbrokes today and put £50 on the first manager to get the sack between the two, Jose

    • He just speaks the truth as he sees it. Doesn't make him too popular in some quarters but it takes the pressure off his team and puts it on him. That's the way he works and it's mostly successful. If he's getting under your skin he's winning.

    • "As for "buying" the league, wake up mate,football is business (unfortunatly) if you don't spend big you will not win the league."

      Exactly. It's somewhat pointless having the league at times, as so few teams have any real chance of winning. Go back to the years before the Prem and big money-big business (began with MU going public), and 6-8 teams had a real chance of winning each year. Now, depending on the odds, it's only 1-4 teams who could win the title in any year. Where's the competition? Where's the sport? Long gone. Equaling out squad costs and wages, Everton probably would have won the league in '05.

    • he now genuinley sees us as a major threat and is playing mindgames

      same as fegie thats why he doesnt want heinze to join us as it will make us stronger and he already considers us a major threat

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      • Not a major threat, just one of the top 4 threats , level with Tottenham, but behind Arsenal and waaaaaaaaayyyy behind Manchester United. You all know its between United and Chelsea for the title, and 2 from 3 out of Liverpool , Arsenal and Tottenham for a Champions League place.

        You are all a bit drunk on the pre season joys of Fernando 'the unproven one' Torres. Hit the ground running Fernando ................... or ?

    • The league is the league. You've won it 16 times, we've won it 18 times, Chelsea and Huddersfield have won it 3 times!

    • howl1892

      we won it 9 times we won it 9 times!

      we won the prem 9 times and youve never won it you stupid fuckbag!

      It must really grate you, Who cares about your titles from years and years ago!!

      You were just a twinkle in your daddys napsack then you stupid gobshite!!

    • I also love the way you mancers keep coming to this board to try & rile us by throwing your 9 premership titles in our face. It's funny how you never mention Europen Cups. Why is that? Anyone? Lack of tactics maybe? Anyone?

      18x5 count it son it, it adds up to. WE ARE BETTER THAN U

      Now back to the fact we have spent more net than anyone.
      I would put that down to the fact we are a richer club than most, we have also had numerous managers since red nose took charge at OT, so that might have something to do with it. You know, different managers with different ideas wanting different players. Maybe? Anyone?

      Here is a question for you ling_ba99
      If mufc are so good in the transfer market, ie: making profit. Why do they flech there supporters pockets in ticket prices, what was it they where raised by a couple of months ago 7.9% was it? Anyone?

      So do you see my point? Dont worry you dont look like a thick mancer, you only look like someone who has never been to old trafford in there life. Giving the mouthing you have been doing here!

      PS/ how many mancers does it to change a light bulb?

      76.000 1 to hold the bulb & 75.999 to buy the mufc instruction manual on how to fit a light buld.


    • reacting to mourinho's words is like... playing HIS game

    • Normally I discount out out hand whatever Maureen says, but actually think a lot of what he said made some sense.

      Yes the pressure is on us to perform. We've got new owners, and spent heavy (not has heavy as others) in the off season.

      Fact is if we finish with no silverware and 20+ points off this coming season, then Rafa will be looking in the help wanted ads. I'm not saying we need to win the prem this year, but we better be a real contender down the line.

      But Maureen also said managers welcome that kind of pressure, which I think was a compliment to Rafa. He maybe trying to set the stage to explain Chelsea not performing as well as expecations, but the fact is that come teh end of the season there are at least 3 managers from those who finished in the top 4 last season who will have their jobs in jeapardy if they don't perform.

    • The guys a complete muppet.

      "It's been four years with Benitez and they want the Premiership," Mourinho said. "They don't hide it - Benitez, the players, they all speak about winning the title.

      Well we know he REALLY wants the European CUP. How gutted must he have been when we came back against Milan in 2005!!

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