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  • what does "the special one" gain by always sayin we are under more pressure than chelsea

    is it a poor attempt at mind games or is he just feeling the pressure himself and trying to deflect some of it?

    or is it fear talking?

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    • it wasn't so much him trying to divert pressure onto us which p*ssed me off, it was him saying if we don't win anything this year, gerrard, carra and riise will be off. what a pr*ck! you can't speculate on players futures like that!

    • If he doesn't win the CL this year I am afraid Moaninho's time will be up.

    • What makes me laugh is that he came out a couple of days ago and stated that he was going to take a more laid back approach this season, that lasted all of a few days.
      Just goes to show he can't help engaging his mouth before his brain kicks in.
      But he is entertaining i'll give him that, even if it is un-intentional most of the time.

    • Vlad, supporting a team who really could be considered a flash in the pan I really don't see how your judgement of what Liverpool may or may not achieve can be justified... Yes, everything we have achieved is history and yes we've had a long barren spell but lets be honest, you can't really be sure of any longevity with the recent success you've had.... The cracks are there for all to see and they may well get bigger my friend! Over the coming years I think the train spotting Ruski might just get a bit bored with his new toy when the winning stops and then lets see what happens! Your post sound like you went to the same school as the unshaven, greasy haired moaner who manages your team!

    • I do love the way you scousers talk about 'net cost' when it suits you, but FACT IS United have spent less NET in the PREMIERSHIP HISTORY than you lot have. Yes we have spent more, but also made more on transfers. Not bad considering we are run by than know nothing, Taggart, Alchoholic guy who knows nothing about tactics bloke, god knows how we have won the title 9 times ? Anyone know how ? What with you guys spending more NET ? Anyone ?

    • i find the net spending argument to be irrelevant myself but in the case of fergie i have already stated my belief that he is merely a figurehead for the fans and the real manager is carlos quieroz

    • Firstly Maureen if i had an ignore button for him i'd click it..not interested..same stuck record over and over...why the press still love him God only knows...Room 101..straight in.
      As for SAF his lack off humility still grates but you cannot argue with the record.Utd have won 9 titles for various reasons but having him as manager has been a massive influence..as for his tactics..in the EPL he knows his stuff..CL..not so clever..as for the money.Utd have spent better..i'm not going to say any different..both have signed huge failures over the years but regretably for us we've signed more...

    • So before Queiroz was there was McLaren the real manager , or Kidd ? Credit where its due. Where has Queiroz shown he has managerial ability ? at Madrid ? I am not saying he has none, just saying he has not proved it ever, a bit like a managerial version of Torres

    • To say that Ferguson isn't a manager up there with the best of them is quite bizarre!!!! Love him or loath him he has been and is one of the greatest managers of all time (I personally loath him but have to recognise it!!!!). I do however think that in latter years, as much as the fans might think he has god that it has gone to his head a little. As a footballing tactician and manager he is as I have said, the best the game has to offer but alas he does not run either the legal system nor the premier league!

    • I do think there is something in SAF's mentality in that he 'needs' a strong number two alongside him..Queiroz..Mclaren..Kidd..why only he knows..but of all the 'top four' clube Utd under SAF have consistently had high profile number two's..

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