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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 31, 2007 04:59 Flag

    17 years and counting....

    No doubt Rafa is under pressure this year, but not sure if its the most out of the top managers. It ends up being the expectations game. For example:

    Chelsea: Expected to win Prem, second to Man U only accepted if they also win Champions League. If only silverare is a domestic cup, it could be fatal, if they finish 3rd or worse, and only domestic siliverware, then unlikely not to be fatal. If no silverware period, ......

    Man U: Expected to win Prem, second to Chelsea if also win Champions League. If only silverware is domestic cup there will be serious questions to be answered. If no silverware, while I can't imagine SAF being fired, it will be hard to explain champions to nothing, and the loss of how many millions??????

    Arsenal: They've played the expecations game very well. So long as they stay in the top 4 Wenger has a job (if he wants it!!) Domestic silverware will be expected, but not required.

    Spurs: Top 4 finish is now the expectation. failure to break into Champiobns league spot will not be fatal if either FA Cup or UEFA cup may there way to North London.

    Liverpool: Yes, pressure is on to make progress to win first Prem title (or first championship in 17 years!), but not winning will not be fatal if: at least competitive until late into the season, and major Silverware is procured. If we get the 6th European Cup then even finishing 4th (so long as gap is not greater than 20 points) will save Rafa's job. I'd say the new owners and most fans will give Rafa the benefit of the doubt this season so long as real progress is seen.

    Therefore, pressure is differnet based on expectations. No think who's best placed to meet those expecations, then decide who has the most pressure!!!

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    • United don't have to win this year, we can claim we're bedding in new young players. The only expectation from the fans is that we finish higher that Liverpool.

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      • I think your deluding yourself if you don't think Man U is under pressure to win. Just being the champions puts a huge amount of pressure on any team to live up to the same level as the year before.

        Not winning may not be fatal as it would be to Chelsea if they again don't meet the mark with the expense of the squad they have, but Gill has spent a lot, and he'd going to want a return on his investment.

        No Prem and no Champions League will leave SAF in a job, but on thin ice. 2 years in a row with no prem or European Cup, and he'll be put out to pasture.