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  • Glenn Glenn Jul 29, 2007 19:19 Flag

    Cheillini - are we missing the boat ?

    According to the BBC, Juventus will allow Cheillini to join Man City for £7M ! Surely Rafa should be prepared to step in and get the player, and put this £6.8M Heinze debacle to bed !!?

    Having apparently missed out on other high quality targets already pre-season, Quaresma and Kompany to name but two, can we afford to not to sign this highly rated Italian defender and Under 21 captain ?

    Any thoughts ?

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    • I think Rafa is looking for experience at the back - the Lucas Neill business was about him wanting the same type of player as Heinz. The other targets do look good, but we have young defenders coming through - Hobbs to name but one. He bought Insua for left back at the end of last season as well I think.

      There is an element of winding Fergie up about it as well, but he wants someone he can chuck on when you want to shut up shop or who can be used as a utility back player who is just solid and also can intimidate the opposition physically a bit.

      Heinz is slow but does fulfil all the other requirements - he's a very good reader of the game and the kind of guy who can really put a winger off his game as well as stand up to the physicality of someone like Drogba.

      I like the look of Kompany in particular but he's inexperienced and so risky when it comes to plugging the squad gap that Rafa is looking at.