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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 1, 2007 22:11 Flag

    New stadium will BLEED fans dry

    1. I accept your principle that anything can be built. So options would be to tear down current stands and rebuild on the same location, or start new construction on Stanley Park site.

    2. Did you actually read the Wikopedia link you told everyone to go to prove me wrong. You told everyone that the EPL would end out like the NHL with a season being canceled due to financial issues. As I said, and the Wikopedia you so thoughtfully told everyone to go to, the League locked out the players. It was not because they could not afford to pay them, it was because they wanted to limit their pay. Simple fact is owners wanted a bigger slice of the pie by firming up a salary cap. Season was canceled because once issues were resolved via collective bargining there was not enough time to have a viable playing season. It would be like starting the EPL season in Late March!

    3. Sorry to dissapoint you I'm not a Yank. I live in the US, but born and raised in the UK.

    4. Lastly, while Wikopedia is a wonderful reference site, its not the best source for all things. Reading Wikopedia does not make you a "LFC and American sports Bubba". But give you credit, at least your not offensive in your posts, your raising intersting subjects, just you seem to be lacking in some of your knowledge.