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    New stadium will BLEED fans dry


    As usual the fickle fans are foolishly jumping for joy that we are moving from our spiritual home, ANFIELD, without realising the true implications of this greed filled move by the money hungry American owners. With this in mind I have consulted with my inner circle of superior footballing minds to tell it like it REALLY is… read it and weep FOOLS!

    Let’s be honest here and accept that the greedy Yank owners are going to milk our club dry until they bleed the stupidly loyal LFC fans for every penny. As the last 18 years have proven, THEY know that regardless of how poor the product on the pitch is Liverpool fans will still keep coming to the games and accepting any second rate garbage the club throws at them.
    Here’s what you can expect to happen when the new stadium opens...

    MASSIVE hikes in ticket and season ticket prices just like at OT. Though most won’t care because they’d sell their own internal organs in order to cough up because sadly, LFC is all they have in their pitiful lives.

    Corporate sponsorship of the stadium name. It’s well known that in the US (and in the UK now) any cheesy corporate entity that comes along with the money has its name plastered all over the stadium and we are no exception. Most likely it will be called “the DSS stadium” in honour of the Merseyside masses who have made the doel office their second home (after Anfield) over the years. ANFIELD will be dead and buried as a name along with all its history and integrity. What a DISGRACE!

    Huge debt will be incurred while player salaries will continue to spiral out of control. In order to offset this, the working class masses that built Liverpool FC will be priced out of the game. Though this won’t affect me up in the private suites I will still be saddened to see the humble fan suffer (except for morons like lokiherpes, Damien.dodd and (p)rikmac) as I look down like an Egyptian Pharaoh upon my starving subjects falling by the wayside as the club turns into a rich man’s muse just like sport has in America.

    In summation it’s obvious to see that we are merely trying to keep up with the giants of the game like Man U but our lack of league success over 18 years our inability to draw top players to the club and the lack of money on Merseyside make this a fruitless venture.

    I suggest we keep our history and tradition in place by staying at ANFIELD and upgrading what we have at our spiritual home… Bill Shankly’s ashes deserve to stay within the confines of our legendary fortress as do TRUE fans that he respected and the Yanks so obviously DON’T!


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    • Interesting points, but got myself a little lost in your logic (seems to be a little circular).

      Your conclusion is we can't keep pace with the likes of Man U as we cannot attract the top players or have the money to buy them. But your solution is to stay at Anfield.

      If we stay at Anfield which has 20 to 30 thousand less seats, won't the ticket prices have to go up even more if we are going to keep pace with Man U? Or are you saying throw in the towel, except the current economics of Merseyside, and become a second or third tier club that had a great history once (kind of like Preston North End?)? Which way to we go?

      Personally as a true fan of the club, I'd think you'd want the club to grow, get beyond the economics of Merseyside and generate income that can sustain a worldclass team. No one wants ticket prices to go up, but you get what you pay for. If we can find a way to limit ticket price increases by finding other souces of income (naming rights, sponsorship deals, TV rights, Global Marketing) surely that would help everyone. Also, might actually help the economics of Merseyside. Dont' complain about your situation, Change it!!

      Also, wanted to know where you get all your knowledge regarding US Sports? Just does not always seem to fit with the reality.

    • "Most likely it will be called “the DSS stadium” in honour of the Merseyside masses who have made the doel office their second home (after Anfield) over the years"

      You B*****D!! Well all I gotta say to you mancscum is:-


      MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH....sniff sniff...I can smell the fear....!!!!!


    • I sense much fear in you. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.

      Clouded P&S's future is.

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      • Paisley for once some interesting points.
        To be honest the only reason we are moving is because we have to keep up with Manure and Chelski and Arsenal in revenue and to do that you need to have a big ground.
        Granted this New Anfield will not be our spirtiual home and no matter how compacted they make it will never generate the noise that would come from an all standing Kop.
        It's very sad it came to this but times have changed and so has money.
        Thanks Paisley for once a constructive thread.
        Good post.

    • An Egyptian Pharoah???

      Seriously, I have tears in my eyes. One of your best yet...

    • Yet another confirmation that this fool could never have been or will be a Liverpool fan.... His references to the DSS stadium and LFC being the only thing in peoples pitiful lives just go to prove that this egotistical idiot is just here to wind people up. Shankly would turn in his grave to hear this idiot talk about Liverpool supporters in this way. I do hope you sit in your executive box and enjoy your status.... I only hope you don't wake up and find that the prawn sandwiches have made a mess of your sheets!
      Go get a box at OT or WHL, you know you'll fit in there!

    • will someone please shut this knob up please?????

    • Hey Knob,what planet are you from(I'm from EARTH)as I've said before with fans like you who needs enemies.I think you'll find that the village of KIKBY is in need of another IDIOT,supposed you can be joined by another 30,000 when they built their new SKI SLOPE(joke for the locals amongst us)!!!!!!!!!!

    • PiSstaker, you've been reported for impersonating a Liverpool fan when we all know that you are not one :-)

      Another day another ill-informed rant from an ignorant Scouse-hating piss-taking moron. Will you ever change your record? It seems stuck again.

      Money bought the Mancs and Chelsea success. And if we are to compete, we need to spend like they do. A bigger ground capacity is a necessity. Our squad cost £105M, the Mancs £180M plus, and Chelsea more than that.

      How do we compete if we have less money available to improve our squad? The Mancs have spent £50M this summer on transfers, and brought in £5M. We have spent £40M and brought in £25M plus. Seems the gap is getting bigger. One option is a bigger ground. But you'll never see it because YOU ARE NOT A LIVERPOOL FAN!

    • Oh my god the sense of humor chortle,chortle....so funny thats why you support EFC .Every one a gem .I suppose you are a natural for B.Manning replacement JOKER ...............NOT YOU

    • Just because you haveor did they just use your mouth to land 747's in

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