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    Who will replace CARRA and GERRARD?


    Now, as we all know from the POMPEY embarrasment, when Stevie and Carra don't start for us we are just plain AWFUL! The whole league knows we are a two man team and this has been proven on many occasions. You can also put STEVE FINNAN in with the big two for me as we looked shaky without him last term too! The question is, who the HELL is going to replace these stalwarts?

    Remember, Finnan is 31, Carra 29 and Stevie is 27. At best we get three more seasons out of these three giants BUT ther eis NO ONE to replace them. While other teams bringing in great talent to replace (eg: Nani for Giggs, van Persie for Henry)we continie to flounder with La Liga flops and no local lads given a chance to shine. With the academy we have always had players in place to step up but under RAFA this has gone down the shi**ter, especially with the departure of Stevie Heighway - a back to back FA Youth Cup winner and legend of the club.

    The back up players in place right now aren't fit enough to polish the big threes boots. RAFA's diabolicle transfer record also shows us that NO ONE will be brought in capable of replacing these titans of our squad.

    The bottom line is this... we have two or three years and then we will be a mid-level to relegation zone team because there is NO ONE ready to fill the boots of CARRA, Stevie G and FINNAN... so much for "In RAFA we trust" what a crock of s**t...


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    • P&S, you posts are ALWAYS so simple minded and foolish that usually I can't be bothered to respond.

      However you comments to liken damian to a gorilla was rather racist and over the top don’t you think especially after (yesterday?) when he said he was from africa??

    • How about we concentrate on your conflicting posts, 'Gerrard will be finished in three years', 'Gerrard will be gone in two'....... logic says then if he'll be finished in three then if we offload in two for a decent sum it'll be good business.... Too many chinks in your armour P_S, all starting to reveal what a fool you are!

    • Yet again an abusive, racist foolish retort to the idea that as usual P_S has completely contradicted himself and his only defence is to attempt to wriggle out of it by hurling abuse. A fine example of a multi-cultural understanding and caring human being who is intellectually leaps and bounds ahead of us mere mortals!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha, You'll have me in stitches laughing AT you P_S!

    • "With the academy we have always had players in place to step up but under RAFA this has gone down the shi**ter"

      PiSstaker, you need to take off your rosy glasses and stop living in the past. The last player to step up from the academy and do the business for us was Gerrard. He came into the team almost 10 years ago. Rafa has been here 3 years. What about the 7 years in between?

      So much for Heigheway's great success with 2 FA Youth Cups. Didn't you say these sort of trophies are mickey mouse cups anyway and what matters is the league (which we have won a record 18 times)???

      And just how much did those foreign replacements cost the Mancs and Arsenal? Why can they spend money to bring in replacements, and we must do it via local youth players? I'd say it's apples and oranges, but it's more like apples and cactus. Another hypocritical rant from a

      Taker of the piss

      Can you spell? :-)

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      • I may as well start supporting a different club because you talk so much sense I've seen the light I admit I'm a sinner that I must follow the light ,it just keeps calling me and calling me .Please oh please someone,something,somebody help me,help me.Well now I do feel better,I've cleared my negative thoughts I felt like a Manc on a happy pill.Now Tosser Go Forth and multiply ,crawl into the hole from whence you came(Goodison/Theatre of Dreaming),and see if you can put your single brain cell to good use,like trying to find your parents because they may need to regain their sense of humor as they seemed to have misplaced it by you just getting out of their sight!!!!!

    • Daniel Agger & Lucas Leiva respectively -FACT!

    • Bit of a confused message, Nanni for giggs and van persie for Henrii.... All local homegrown talent hey??? Its one thing going on about us needing to get in some youngsters to fill these places in three years or so (A valid point) but its another ball game altogether if you start quoting what united and Arsenal are doing by bringing in great foreign talent. Take a stiff drink and sort your head out from your arse P-S!

    • You might want to read your posts before you actually put them on the board. How can we not have tallent in the youth team, but have won back to back FA Youth cups. Why do you praise other teams from bringing in youth tallent from abroad (Nani, van Persie) but castigate Rafa when he does this by saying he does not allow local youth to develop. The wheels are coming off P&S.

      Look, this is serious subject. I'd say we are much more than a 2 man team, but players like Gerrard and Carragher can not be replaced easily. In fact you never replace them as they are one off's. But we do have to think how to build a team that will continue to dominate in years to come.

      I think that's why so much was spent on youth signings this year (time will tell if they are good prospects: Nemeth - 18, Simon - 17. Crowther - 18) and on younger players (Torres - 23, Babel - 20, Leiva - 20, Mihaylov - 19).

      Time will tell if any of these develops into what could be the core of a future squad, but you can't say that Rafa is not thinking and taking action on what will be the squad of the future.