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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 1, 2007 21:58 Flag

    Who will replace CARRA and GERRARD?

    You might want to read your posts before you actually put them on the board. How can we not have tallent in the youth team, but have won back to back FA Youth cups. Why do you praise other teams from bringing in youth tallent from abroad (Nani, van Persie) but castigate Rafa when he does this by saying he does not allow local youth to develop. The wheels are coming off P&S.

    Look, this is serious subject. I'd say we are much more than a 2 man team, but players like Gerrard and Carragher can not be replaced easily. In fact you never replace them as they are one off's. But we do have to think how to build a team that will continue to dominate in years to come.

    I think that's why so much was spent on youth signings this year (time will tell if they are good prospects: Nemeth - 18, Simon - 17. Crowther - 18) and on younger players (Torres - 23, Babel - 20, Leiva - 20, Mihaylov - 19).

    Time will tell if any of these develops into what could be the core of a future squad, but you can't say that Rafa is not thinking and taking action on what will be the squad of the future.

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    • Well Carra, Gerrard, Finnan can't be replaced only succeeded :). I agree though that we shouldn't keep raiding La Liga for talent personally I think we'd be better off with German, Italian or Dutch players as they've the strength to handle the Prem.. and I think Italians have the best defenders & strikers in the world and Germans IMO have the best midfielders so it's beyond me why Rafa has overlooked this omission?