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    Liverpool GREATS write us off


    It speaks volumes that NONE of the Costa del Kop sheep here have reported the fact that two of our all-time greats, JOHN ALDRIDGE and STEVE McMANAMAN, have both echoed my insightful sentiments that yet again, we have no chance of competing for the only trophy that matters this season… the PREM!

    Firstly, McManaman has backed me up by stating that while we may have strengthened with expensive yet unproven players, Chelsea, Man U and Spurs have also upgraded with a far more impressive range of quality and therefore we have no chance of winning the Premiership, especially over the big two. Aldo meanwhile has trashed us on the radio over the weekend, stating that the MANCS are a different class and miles better to watch than us. He also said that he was tempted to switch allegiance to United because they are such a class act at present!

    Having seen how NANI, BENT, SIDWELL and BEN HAIM amongst others have slotted in so quickly with their respective teams while we look disjointed and unable to gel a 50 MILLION POUND STRIKEFORCE together, I think all LFC fans with a brain can see where Aldridge and Macca are coming from. It’s also nice to know that my elite footballing knowledge is being echoed by such esteemed servants of the club while the deluded sheep here continue to bleat their nonsense and show themselves up in the process. After all, who in their right minds would disagree with three such astute footballing minds..


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    • well actually I did suggest somewhere we all slap 'em on the table and sort it out for once and for all...!

    • Why don't you all just take your weiners out, get a ruler and be done with it.....

    • agrees 100% with paisley there

    • dsteer, the actual conclusion I was going to get to (the one I was hoping others would help prove), one which I won’t bother posting now, is that statistically decline in physical condition starts at around 20. For some it may happen much earlier, for others much later. A clue to exactly when it starts is usually the injuries suffered by the individual (ie he is straining much more which leads to breakdown or breakdown due to contact) in conjunction with evidence of lowered performance.

    • DS, yes, I think I hear what your saying.

      Should Rafa or any manager used as much objectivity rather than subjectiviy in selecting players? yes of course.

      Is it a valid argument or debating point to try to work out what criteria are used in that objective decision making process? Again, yes.

      But, on the Bent case I thik you have a weak argument. Not saying your wrong, but just looking at goals over 3 seasons is not nearly enough data points to create any kind of objective model.

      Also, on trying to prove P&S a fool, I think you've picked the wrong subject to debate. There are plenty of holes you can point out in P&S threads, not sure if muscle degeneration is one I'd elect for.

    • dsteer, I think you've let your emotions get the better of your post.

      Let me clarify: this board (and others) are full of discussions as to which player a team should buy; usually the opinion is a subjective one. Some will make comments like "he is injury prone" others like "he scored 20 goals", and still further "he has great potential".

      So the point of the argument/ discussion I am having with “aces” is to iron out an objective approach that could be used to determine which players are a better buy by determining who may be on the decline and therefore can be ruled out.

      Do you think Rafa tosses a coin to determine which players he should buy? How does he convince his board as to whether his decision is the right one? £26m odd for Torres and £12m odd for Bent.?

      So, in your view a pointless argument, but from my view a valid one.

      Get what I'm saying?

    • DS, word of advice. A real man admitts when he's wrong, and learns from it, but a fool thinks he's never wrong. There is at least one proven fool on this thread, but I don't think its either of the two people arguing a pointless argument. Get what I'm saying?

    • As an example to detect the flaw in your statements, consider two 20 year old sprinters. Will they both finish at exactly the same time? Not very likely!

      ie Individuals are different and therefore to predict what will happen, you need to take their history & condition into account!

      Your apology accepted in advance!

    • moving this to your new thread!

    • You clearly have not understood the Guass theory!! It's a probability curve and therefore outside factors and history of the individual need to be taken into account. Have I not already explained all this?

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