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  • yahoo administrator yahoo administrator Aug 4, 2007 00:42 Flag

    most popular EPL team?

    i was wondering... the number of threads in the yahoo boards, as of this minute are:

    1. MU 9,230
    2. chelsea 7,931
    3. arsenal 6,753
    4. liverpool 5,820

    1. if conditions are the same for all teams..., is this ranking a measure of popularity?

    2. i've been looking for a realiable study on the most popular EPL teams, in and outside the UK... any ideas?

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    • Just been doing it.....I got told off by devilgirl for no apparent reason......

      Put in a good word for me over there please....

      I'm off for a pint so hope to catch you laterz!

    • are you sure you posted in the MU board? i couldn't see it

    • I post my results on the manc board and in return receive a telling off! Well that's the last time I do them a favour...

    • I forgot to mention I beat you by 1 year - I started following football and therefore Liverpool in 76.

      I was also 9 then!!

    • Absolutely, success breeds success! Snowball effect even.

    • Interesting stuff, and can't really take issue with your analysis. Its in line with my personal experience. I think I solidified being a red in '77, I was about 9 years old, and I think you know what we did that year. I grew up near Bristol, and while City were in the first division back then, they were always crap, and I really hated them. Still got a soft spot for Rovers, but its the Reds who stole my heart early on.

      Question is how many are hooked for life like me, and how many are fans of convenience and change allegience when results slip? Also, think it shows the importance of grabing the next generation of supporters, not just in the UK, but across the globe, now the EPL is truely a world event.

    • To be honest that is what I expected. Being honest now, over the time period the forums have been running, spam plays only a small part.

    • good analysis DS

      so... after all it seems that "number of yahoo board threads" has a strong correlation with your findings

    • manohoo, dsteer,

      After careful consideration (!) , here is my analyses:-

      Secondary school survey:-


      Where kids are aged 11 - 15.

      Age when most kids select their local team is, in my opinion, 10 and under (primary school).

      Most kids living in an EPL team area will have selected the local team. A significant number who do not (rural, or lower league team area) will have gone for the most successful. And remember kids like to boast they follow the best, a bit like the manc board!! (-:

      Hence the secondary school survey is one sided as it reflects very heavily the football club that was most successful during their primary school days (1999 - 2004). Guess what ManU did in 1999?!

      Now most of the older population will have grown up when LFC and other teams were more successful. In the good old days most people stuck with local teams but now days they are all mercenary, a bit like the players! Go where the success is!

      Therefore I think the other link (http://www.comscore.com/press/release.asp?press=1434) is a much better indication but only if you remove the non-English teams (and therefore remove the English language influence). I too think Real Madrid are the most popular worldwide.

      It is proving impossible (devilgirl has let me down big time!!) to find stats for surveys across the population age. I shall have another look later, but right now I would go with the online stats rather than the school survey.

      This debate isn’t finished yet!

    • Interesting results. DS since your so good and sourcing these things, anything that shows worldwide fan base. That's our growth market in terms of additional revenue.

      Also interesting to see us so popular among the ladies. Is our team really that good looking, or is Rooney really that bad looking?

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