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  • Glenn Glenn Aug 6, 2007 04:45 Flag

    Same old story ......?

    Having watched Liverpool's pre-season games, I'm beginning to wonder if, after all the summer signings, we still have our annual problem of our forwards not being able to score on a near enough regular basis, especially against "lesser teams". Again we have to rely on Stevie G to keep us in matches.

    Do we think that the new signings will make the difference in front of goal !?

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    • Once again...where would we be without Stevie G ???

    • Yes its pre-season, so games don't count, but still a legitimate concern. Seems to me that a good striker needs timing, chemestry with his partner and support players, and above all confidence. Each goal breeds more confidence which is why you never mess with a striker who's on a hot run.

      Its good Torres has gotten his first goal as it will help him settle, but right now I'd say only Voronin and Kuyt seem to have the confidence level to put away each chance. Could be wrong as Voronin's goals came against much lower level opponents, but think its at least a 50/50 he might get the start against Villa, unless Rafa see's something we are not in the training sessions this week.

    • I saw Liverpool against Bremen in Grenchen (Switzerland), and to be honest Youssi and Voronin were the two players who impressed the most.

      Your Midfield engine is functioning great as usual i should add. But upfront Torres will really have to turn the heat on to justify his price and more importantly keep Liverpool in the hunt. He fluffed easy chances.

      His conversion ratio has never been very high but its time he went up another level, especially considering the expectation that surrounds him. He is class and needs a good run to get some sort of form for himself and Liverpool.

    • Two words "Pre-Season", it's all about the team getting match fitness and use to each other. Results at this time does'nt matter, if it did Rafa would of put out his strongest team from the start.
      Next Saturday that when it begins. Thats when the critisim can said.