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  • It used to be said that LFC were the most knowledgable in football. Sadly, as this board proves this is simply NOT the case.. evidence?

    Check out these CLASSIC statements from this board that make our club supporters the laughing stock of the league

    oh... and feel free to DISCUSS!

    Dsteer “with a good product (like Liverpool) on the pitch”
    (3 major trophies in 18 years, zero titles in 18 years, revolving door of mediocre c**p players...)

    Lokiherpes “If a player isn’t good enough for Man U he’s not good enough for us”
    (haha this one cracks me up)
    “Riise must buck his ideas up or he can go”.
    (yeah, let's offload one of the best left footers we ever had!)

    (p)rikmac “Harry Kewell is British, he’s played his whole career here”
    (hahaha - seminal!)
    “the league cup is better than the FA Cup, it’s harder to win”
    (even though every team fields its reserves including Arsenal in last years final!)

    rafalution “defenders shouldn’t be captains”
    (the most classic statement yet from a tue MUPPET)
    Bobby Moore
    Emilyn Hughes
    Phil Thompson
    John Terry
    Tony Adams
    Gary Neville
    recent Wenger quote “Gallas would be a great captain. This (defence) is the best position from which to captain a club”.

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    • Riise is one of the best left-footers we've ever had? Are you actually bracketing him in the same league as John Barnes? Jesus Christ, if he was one of the best left-footers look at his goal scoring record. Not bad, but not great either considering he gets to take half of the free-kicks we have around the box.

      Your comment about Heinze - I presume - I stand by that. He is too old, wrecked by a knee injury. If you look at previous posts, I said I would prefer Leighton Baines, who you believe is a right back otherwise why compare him to Cicinho, or Chiellini, the Italy U-21 captain. So what is you point?

      God you parents must have been extremely thick or closely related!

    • P&S not worth responding to, seems your getting a little desperate.

    • yawn fucking yawn.
      Another pointless post from the dullest person on these boards.
      You post all day every day, leading me to think that you need to -
      a)get a life outside the internet
      b) get a fucking job
      c)stop repeating the same deathly dull posts and boring everyone shitless