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    .............Are British Players That Much More Expensive...


    ....Everyone, fans and Managers keep saying to Buy British is too expensive, hence why they go abroad...is it.

    can anyone else add, on either side, an equivalent of how this summers transfers have gone

    Torres v Bent -------20M(unproven in EPL) v 17M (proven at a much lower team)

    Baines----------Up to 6M...bargain or what under 21 international and prem exp.

    Sidwell was a free

    How much did Etherington and Reo Coker go for?
    Havent Blackburn given a liverpool younster a shot
    Guthrie ahs ben given a chance by Bolton..im sure liverpool will join the high prices if they decide to sell

    Jagielka 4M,,,is that expensive?
    Woodgate 7M........bargain of the century
    Joey Barton...5.8M.................is that expensive
    Scott parker about 7M...........cheap as chips

    Chuck in Craig Gordon and a few cheap foreigners and this is a cheap EPL team that would probably stay up.......if Harry Redknapp was in charge....

    British Talent too expensive................JUST A BIG EXCUSE...

    This topic is deleted.
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    • kovansdad1664 your taking this to the extreme. I called you out on statements I felt were xenophobic. You stated that you think LFC have too many foreign players like Arsenal. When pushed on the subject you became very defensive about your comments, offensive when it comes to my club, and found it outragous that anyone would not support the English national team. You even felt it was wrong that while I support England, I think club comes first.

      Now this has nothing to do with your herritage. I don't care if your family has always lived in England, came off a boat 400 years ago, or an airplane 400 days ago. Fact is racist behavior is something you learn, and not something passed down through generations.

      I hope I was wrong, but I reacted to what I read. I'll put it aside if you will. Just don't attack my team because you don't think they are English enough (whatever that means) and accept that some people feel there are more important things than the England Football team.

    • Rikmac and dtseer

      How can i be racist or xenophobic if my ancestors invaded this country?

      Should i be hating England?

      Should i be a foreigner then? in your eyes?

      Come on England

    • Being English does make you immune from being a racist. If you think one group,nationality, religion, colour of skin, shape of an eye, or anything else that makes us unique make you better than someone else your a racist.

      I'm not saying you are, but think the jury is out, and you need to think about what you write as I interpret them as being xenophobic statements.

    • Hey if I did not answer your question I'm sorry, but you've posted all over this and another thread, so shoot me for missing it. post it here again in full context so I can answer it. I've no idea what you mean by is it the manager or players.......

      As for being a racist, I hope I'm wrong, but go back and read what you've written, and I think you'd say its xenophobic in nature, and bordering on being racist. If I am wrong I'll appologise, but you need to be careful about what you say, as it might betray your actual thoughts. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on being a racist, but no additional chances.

    • "pot kettle black me thinks"

      How? He's in favour of good players, regardless of where they were born. You seem to prefer English/British. No pot calling the kettle black here from what I see!

    • thats was for dsteer, ricmac. not u matey. dtseer is assuming im a racist. sorry to disappoint u dsteer

      i am english (kind of) but came here a few hundred years ago

    • Rikmac, yea about 400years ago or so i was foreign. I came in a big Viking ship and invaded this place. its what the countrys made up of. But im proud of this country and i love foreign countrys. Now im being accused by dsteer or xenophobia and racism. pot kettle black me thinks

      Chelsea have brits and so does manchester utd

    • "Ive had foreign girlfreinds before. Some foreigners are far better than some english peeps. as we've seen from some threads. So why are you making it up?"


    • You are completely way off track buddy.

      And YOU my friend sound like a politician. I did ask a question but you wormed your way out of it, politics styly. My question was do you think its the players that are crap or the manager?

      Ive had foreign girlfreinds before. Some foreigners are far better than some english peeps. as we've seen from some threads.

      So why are you making it up?

    • man u did get lucky with some British (but not all from Manchester) tallent. But for the most part they are on the tail end of their careers. Most of what SAF is now bringing in is Foreign, and even the younger British lads are not local boys (Carick etc).

      I'm not sure who will be the next Liverpool hero, and while I'd love it to be a local boy, its not mandatory. It could very well be Torres, or Babel! We've also won the younth FA Cup, so got a feeling plenty of tallent coming up, English or not.

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