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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Aug 9, 2007 22:20 Flag

    .............Are British Players That Much More Expensive...

    Spurs have progressed in the last three years by buying well and mostly english/brit. There are now challenging for the CL. Is this progress ? Or have i imagined it. yea they havent won anything yet but they appear to be on the up.

    Yes im an England fan AND i support my team.

    Its funny cos Arsenal fans used to say we have the core of brits and how great it is and as soon as theyve all gone its now 'well i dont care about England'

    Is this what Liverpool fans will say eventually. Ricmac excluded cos your already in this bracket now. Will others follow. YOU DID SUPPORT YOUR COUNTRY BACK THEN. DONT LIE.

    Not very good if people like that have that attitude. why dont they emigrate to a country they can be proud of. I know our country is a bit shit but come on be proud of supporting England

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    • kovansdad1664 - sorry to disappoint you, but I don't lie and I've never had any respect for the England national team. If I favoured national teams as a kid, then it was the smaller, underdog, home nations. England had (and has) far better players and there was always that jingoistic 'we invented the game and we're the best' attitude that I never supported, even as a kid!

      England can win the World Cup in South Africa, and I'll say congratulations. But how does that affect LFC? It doesn't!

      Rafa could buy 20 English players (not British, but English) who all become internationals, and I'd still not support England. The best English player is Gerrard, our captain, and I still don't support England. Back in the late '70s, when Liverpool had 7 or 8 players in the England starting 11, I didn't support them. When England beat Germany 5-1, I was happy that it was Liverpool players who scored all 5 goals, but didn't care about the result. And when Germany beat England 1-0 in the last game at the old Wembley, I was glad it was a Liverpool player who scored that goal, but didn't care about the result. Get my drift?

      As I said, what impact does playing for England have upon LFC? NONE! As a Liverpool fan, what matters is how Liverpool do.

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      • Im sorry youre not proud or patriotic about your country. Just shows this country is going to the dogs and football is going that way too. Do you support England in any other sport? I DO.

        I would reckon that only Arsenal and Liverpool fans have this view of yours. Will Man City be next? Theyve just bought 7 foreigners. Man City, capital of Thailand;)

    • Sorry mate but just after the Liverpool team was the backbone for the England team it was followed by the most successful Liverpool team ever.... and they were mainly scottish with a sprinkling of fake Irish..... These aren't England players!!!! I don't give two hoots about the joke of an England set up and haven't watched an england game for years,,, I only like to watch good football!!!! The biggest reason for the fact that managers go abroad is the lack of numbers of talented English players, highly priced or not they are few and far between these days. The England set up is a joke from manager to results, our national side is a total shambles so why would I follow them??? Liverpool are in my blood and football wise they are the b all and end all to me!

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      • And if we were on the man Utd forum how different the attitudes would be to what they are here and on the arsenal board. How very anti-english of you guys.

        We've had crap england managers. i though Sam Allardyce would of been fantastic yet we got mcclaren. weve got great players in the england squad (not that you would know). so much potential from one the best leagues in the world. And you lot are faceless

    • Is Berbatov English? I think he's Spurs higest rated player, and fast becoming their talisman.