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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Aug 9, 2007 23:43 Flag


    Another signing, but he's french not spanish :)

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    • And nothing offical from LFC - only on the Lens web site.

      I guess something is done as Rafa is talking about Scotty already playing on loan - so maybe just waiting for medical or something?

    • First off not sure anyone believes P&S is a fan, but who cares as you say your not him. That is unless your a liar also.

      Second, I have no idea if your a foreigner or not. I don't really care. Would it make a difference?

    • Wanted to highlight the word 'muppet' as quite frequently you get called that every time p s l speaks. And he's a liverpool fan. Do you agree with him?

      So im a foreigner, so what!!!

    • you know, I won't speak for Rikman or anyone else, but I tried extending you an olive branch. I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt. But sounds like your just here to try to rattle the cage.

      You may not be a racist, although I have some serious doubts, but your obviously not a Liverpool fan, so you've got some nerve coming on here calling us muppets, and questioning our politness.

      I don't really care who you support, and if you want to talk football like a man, then I've no problem non LFC fans coming on this board as I'm sure a number of them who visit can attest to, but just to be an asshole, sorry, your not welcome son.

      You may have rattled the cage, but be careful, you don't know what's inside that cage and you don't want to get bite. Now run off home, or the board from which you came.

    • Good evening muppets. Im back. Im not Paisley_Shanks just to sort that.

      But i do need a rant and not being rude but..If i were to pick holes then:

      Rikmac: "He's far more polite than the PiSstaker. And he doesn't rant. I disagree with his views on foreigners, but as a Scouser I see Mancs as foreign :-)"

      Why does that sentence sound xenophobic? Honestly guys but some stuff written is too PC and 'we dont wanna hurt anyones feelings' type thing.

      Just say it

    • Mores to the point - is he any good, a good back-up, or just a panic buy to cover Carson??

      Hats off to Rafa though - Scott Carson is a great keeper and to refuse to sell him but still let him go and play week after week is a good piece of managment - BUT when will he get his chance at LFC?? At the end of the day I can't see anyone replacing Pepe in the long term unless he picks up a VERY long-term injury - or homesick.

      Letting Carson play will only put his value up.

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      • Don't think anyone knows about this new guy. limited stuff on-line about him, but looks like he was considered an up an comer with interest coming from other big clubs.

        For Carson, maybe we have another year 2 at most before we have to make a decision. If he and Reina keep performing as they are, and especially if Carson claims Robinsons England spot, then Rafa will have to make a choice. We might be able to get good money for him, but he could also be a core player for a long time to come. Difficult choices lay ahead.

    • God knows what you think of me then. Raised as a west country boy, and now an expat in the US. My problem is I fell in love with Football as a kid, and was bewitched by the mid 70s Reds. Fact that I've just found way too many Scouser friends and drinking buddies around the world does not help either.

    • He's far more polite than the PiSstaker. And he doesn't rant. I disagree with his views on foreigners, but as a Scouser I see Mancs as foreign :-)

    • Thanks for the question. I think Rafa is in charge and will bring in the best talent available. I know nothing about the new lad - nobody on here does - but I'm sure Rafa has done his homework on the lad.

    • I've no idea, news just broke today, and as I don't follow Lens or any French team, I need to learn more about him. Sorry to see Carson go, but understand he needs regular 1st team football.

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