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    Carson should be SOLD!


    Thanks for all the laughs today from the usual deluded MORONS who think sending Scott Carson away on loan to Villa is "a good move".

    Hahahaha - what f**king planet are you retards living on.

    Let me AGAIN put you all in your place at my feet begging me to spare your pitiful lives!

    Rafa has already made up his mind about REINA. HE is the number one and seeing as he is still in his early twenties will be RAFA's pet monkey between the pipes for years to come. So, whats he gonna do with Scotty, send him on loan for the next TEN YEARS?

    Carson wants to play so he can "further his England career". I say "tough s**t"... stay at the club that pays your wages and PROVE yourself to overthrow Reina. Instead, rafa knows he isn't gonna let this happen and to appease the fans sends him out on a fruitless loan that only benefits the player and the club he is going to! This does NOTHING to benefit LFC.

    There is only one solution... you have to SELL Carson. He's never gonna be Rafa's choice and if he stays at the club he will never get a sniff unless Pepe gets injured. Therefore a future England number one will have to be sold and just like BRAD FRIEDEL and DAVID JAMES we will be the ones to lose out while the SPANISH bias continues to ruin our once proud club.

    F**K you Rafa and F**k you poor excuse for fans too.

    I am so glad i was able to enjoy the club during its GLORY DAYS that you lot will NEVER KNOW!


    This topic is deleted.
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    • your spot on there twat features. So im a smoker now eh? im really offended :)

      Good bye Mr PC serious face. its only football!

    • your right, each to their own, I think your a xenophobic wanker. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      Bye now

    • Glad to see your listening dsteer but i did say put me on ignore if my comments are too outrageous.

      But can u pinpoint my racist comments as i dont see the wood for the trees? (allegdely). Yes you were just a little harsh. thank you for aknowledging that

      Unless your being hyper-sensitive to the situation i cant see why we cant/couldnt have a debate. You are blind to my real post/issue. You talk like the government.

      YOU make the debate a racist xeno issue without dealing with the facts. My beliefs in life is to live and let live. If someone takes the piss then they get what they deserve. And that applies to any race/colour. I only look at people as people and nothing else. My football strategy has nothing to do with racism just tactics, strengths and a business plan to suit the fans and business itself. If i feel some brits are required for their bulldog never say die loyalty spirit then i cant see how thats racist. If i want flair and exitement trickery and skill then i agree a few foreign stars are acceptable. It is not acceptable to have no brits. Its what the fans love to see.

    • I worked it out finally OT = Old Trafford! So you mean he is a ManU fan? Judging by his post I agree!

    • You can call it PC if you like, I call it telling the truth. Talking about the truth you might want to go back and read what you yourself wrote I may have been a bit harsh calling you a racist, but you definitly not keen on foreigners and I'd say you have xenophobic tendencies you may want to watch out for. but I'll let you be the judge. From your own words:

      1st post:

      "its almost as if a foreign sounding name will always excite the masses. What sheep we are indeed. But there comes a point where we should say no more. crikey even ian 'barking' wright is right. its killing our national game. teams like spurs are buying british talent, some cheap like lennon, carrick, rose, robinson, and 1 expensive name in Bent.
      Wrighty went on to say that he was shocked by a Liverpool supporter saying he doesnt care about england but Liverpool is more important. Is this just an excuse from the liverpool fan in denial of the truth that his club is now rather spanish."

      This was your comments when someone said they don't follow the England team, only LFC:

      "Im sorry youre not proud or patriotic about your country. Just shows this country is going to the dogs and football is going that way too. Do you support England in any other sport? I DO."

      This is the one that got my back up. I actually agreed with you on most of it, but took offense to the "faceless" comment and wanted you to achknowledge the great Liverpool players in the England Squad (which you did not):

      "And if we were on the man Utd forum how different the attitudes would be to what they are here and on the arsenal board. How very anti-english of you guys.
      We've had crap england managers. i though Sam Allardyce would of been fantastic yet we got mcclaren. weve got great players in the england squad (not that you would know). so much potential from one the best leagues in the world. And you lot are faceless"

      Then the country is going to the dogs routine came out with the following 3 examples:

      "I would reckon that only Arsenal and Liverpool fans have this view of yours. Will Man City be next? Theyve just bought 7 foreigners. Man City, capital of Thailand;)"

      "So what do you do when the world cup is on. Have a cup of tea??
      4 weeks of football and your not interested other than Spain winning. Gone to the dogs i tell you"

      "With all that talent England have got , do you think that they also have no pride or passion for their country like you and a few others here? or are they all crap? or is it the manager?"

      Since then, its basically been smart ass comments, and sniping. Not much of an intelligent argument, just a rants of an immature Man U fan. I'm sorry if I, Liverpool, or anthing else offends you, but hey, that's life.

    • LOL!!!! For some reason I mistook OT as old testament and the scatter brain I am, made a connection that wasnt there.......sorry!

    • This whole "lets take the best player out the team" argument is laughable.

      So, by the same note, if you took Drogba (recognised as Chelseas biggest match winner last season) out the Chelsea team where would they have finished?

      Hey, why stop there. What about Gerrard out of Liverpool!

      And the European players you talk of are replacing two team members. We also have a plethora of British talent waiting in the wings to burst through, many of which I expect you will see this season.

    • Wow the season's not even started and we already want Rafa out. Is it just me or have I come to the wrong foorball forum....lol!

      I do agree Rafa should not send Carson out on a loan but your response is way OTT.

    • Paisley, yet again you talk through your arse which I can only presume is firmly situated just below your nose!!!!
      I remember all the glory days thanks very much, My first final was the Euro cup in '77 as a mere ten year old and guess what,,,, I also remember the glory days of Istanbul and the final from last season which you so conveniently right off as pure luck with a sub-standard team... how many other clubs would like our more recent successes????? Yes the Prem is our main target, in fact it might well be our sole target this year but if our successes in other competitions are just written off by fools like you then the club might as well not exist! You are a joke P-S, We all know the club has under achieved in the prem and Rafa is (in his own way!) attempting to rectify this! If you don't like it then why don't you fook off and support someone else!

    • A healthy balance is required of foreign and local talent. Thats what my message has been along along. But you think im member of the BNP at the slightest mention of having a few brits.

      I know football has nothing to do with nationality but it just seemed as if you on the PC brigade.

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