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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Aug 11, 2007 02:32 Flag

    Carson should be SOLD!

    Glad to see your listening dsteer but i did say put me on ignore if my comments are too outrageous.

    But can u pinpoint my racist comments as i dont see the wood for the trees? (allegdely). Yes you were just a little harsh. thank you for aknowledging that

    Unless your being hyper-sensitive to the situation i cant see why we cant/couldnt have a debate. You are blind to my real post/issue. You talk like the government.

    YOU make the debate a racist xeno issue without dealing with the facts. My beliefs in life is to live and let live. If someone takes the piss then they get what they deserve. And that applies to any race/colour. I only look at people as people and nothing else. My football strategy has nothing to do with racism just tactics, strengths and a business plan to suit the fans and business itself. If i feel some brits are required for their bulldog never say die loyalty spirit then i cant see how thats racist. If i want flair and exitement trickery and skill then i agree a few foreign stars are acceptable. It is not acceptable to have no brits. Its what the fans love to see.