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  • i agree about us not being about one player, we won the title as a team and we can do it without rooney no problem, i dont think its about insecurity tho, i think whats getting peoples backs up is people on here laughing about someone whos job is playing football and its there livelyhood, and then get other mugs saying they hope it happens to ronaldo.thats insecure liverpool fans who think without these two you can win the league, otherwise they would not wish and laugh about it. i actually think its a blessing as rooney will come back fresh in october trying to win his place back and tevez will be settledby then so not a problem as far as i can see except for our rivals. you should never laugh in the face of adversity as it has a habit of haunting you.

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    • wtf yes ill be the first to admit I would love it if ronaldo broke a metarsal, it would be hilarious. You are acting all high and mighty as if i (and others) have celebrated a career ending injury rather than a broken toe bone. Whereas in reality you would be creaming your pants if the same thing had happened to gerrard.